Newborn Reusable Two Piece Nappies Kit

Newborn Reusable Two Piece Nappies Kit

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Little Lamb Bamboo BoostersLittle Lamb Bamboo Boosters
Qty:  2
Blueberry Newborn Capri Cover SnapsBlueberry Newborn Capri Cover Snaps
Qty:  6
Bambino Mio Nappy BucketBambino Mio Nappy Bucket
Newborn Flip Washable Insert (6 Pack)Newborn Flip Washable Insert (6 Pack)
Qty:  3

Brand:  Baba Me

    Included in the price
  • 6x Blueberry Newborn Capri wraps (snaps)
  • 2x 10 packs of Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters
  • 3x 6 pack of Newborn Flip washable insert
  • Bambino Mio Nappy Bucket

  • We very often get queries regarding newborn cloth nappies- a lot of the time, we recommend the hiring of a newborn kit from your local cloth nappy library, and some other families feel that their own circumstances make using disposables for a period of time following the birth to be the best option for them. Plenty of parents opt to buy their own, particularly those who intend to have more children and parents of multiples or children with very sensitive skin. We are always happy to help with free advice tailored to you, so please don't hesitate to drop us an email or fill out our reusable nappies questionnaire.

    We're always keen to minimise the costs for our customers, so not only have we given a whopping discount on this bundle, but we have carefully selected everything to ensure that you get as many nappies as possible with the budget you have. We have gone for a two piece system; the covers and inserts are fairly budget friendly and dry quickly- a must for newborn nappies!

    Your newborn wraps can be wiped clean between wet nappies and reused a few times before washing, which keeps down the number of wraps needed.The other major bonus is that drying time is very short also, for both the covers and the wraps.

    Cloth nappies can seem overwhelming when you are starting out your journey, but don't worry because the staff at Baba Me will be here to help throughout; never hesitate to get in touch with a query, no matter how silly it seems. We will gladly advise on troubleshooting, wash routines, etc. We have all been there! The idea behind this kit is simple; insert absorbent pad in to wrap, and put nappy on in a similar manner to putting on a disposable. Initially, you'll find a newborn flip insert is likely to suffice(since they pee little and often!) but as your little one grows you can place a little lamb insert in to the nappy, with a newborn flip insert on top. When changing a wet nappy, remove the inserts, wipe clean the cover and insert fresh inserts. If the cover becomes soiled, you will need to change the whole thing.

    We recommend that you select size 1 little lamb inserts for newborn nappies.

    Please use the order comments box before checking out if you would like to indicate a preference for wrap print or would like us to contact you with available options, other wise we will pick at random. You can view the products in this kit in the "related products" section below.

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