Neat Cleaner - Plastic Free Concentrated Cleaning Refill

Neat Cleaner - Plastic Free Concentrated Cleaning Refill

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Brand:  Neat
Vegan:  ✅
Plastic Free:  ✅

You can feel good about what you are putting on your countertops every day!

This concentrated cleaning refill is a safe and effective way to get rid of dirt, grime, and germs in your home. It's made with plant-based ingredients so it doesn't have any harmful chemicals or toxins. 

✓ Keeps your family healthy and safe.

✓ Your house will smell fresh and clean all the time 

✓ Save money by not having to buy expensive cleaners 

✓ You'll be able to spend more time with your family without worrying about germs!

✓  Keep your home clean without toxic chemicals


Our handpicked products are zero waste & made using only sustainable ingredients.

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Our 100% all-natural products are free from toxic chemicals and nasties.

Innovative household cleaning without the use of plastic! A concentrated cleaning refill that can be added to water to create a household cleaner. Plastic free, vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable. Made in the UK.

This powerful yet gentle household cleaner contains no chemicals. A scoop of the concentrate is added to water and placed into your favourite spray bottle for sweeping away dirt, grime, grease and more with ease. This come packed in a glass bottle that are widely recycled - this clever refill avoids unnecessary plastic waste but still leaves surfaces streak-free, gleaming and sparkly thanks to its green credentials. It's chance you take on cleaning without feeling guilty!

✓ Vegan and cruelty free
✓ Neat Cleaner is the first concentrated cleaning refill that doesn't use plastic.
✓ Concentrated - no more shipping water! Just add water to make your own all natural cleaner.
✓ Reduce the amount of plastic in your home
Biodegradable with plant based ingredients

Leave your home looking spotless!

Neat Cleaner is the ultimate eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning product. All you need is water to make your own guaranteed safe effective cleaners. This versatile multipurpose cleaner can be used on windows, surfaces, counters, sinks and more. Your favorite scents are available too!

Seagrass & Lotus - Marine top notes that are herbaceous and clean. With watery and lightly sweet middle notes and a floral base.

Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang - A fresh modern citrus fragrance with top notes of grapefruit and pomelo and middle and base notes that are rich and light.

Fragrance Free - No allergens For those who are sensitive to fragrance, but still want to make more sustainable choices.

neat is a company that strives to make beautiful, sustainable cleaning products. They are committed to protecting our planet by creating simple and beautiful solutions that inspire everyone to do their part in making the world a better place.


1. How to use the neat cleaners?

Remove the trigger from your reusable spray bottle, add 470ml of tap water, carefully pour in the neat concentrate, secure the trigger, shake & spray.

2. Where is it suitable to use?

The Multi Surface Cleaner is suitable on most surfaces including, wood, glass, stainless steel, tile, laminates, sealed stone, granite and marble. It is not suitable for unsealed stone, granite or marble. It is recommended to test in a discreet spot.

3. Are they vegan friendly?
YES! Our neat cleaners are suitable for vegans

4. How many mL is included in each refill bottle?


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Aqua - Water, purified from municipal water sources. Holds components in solution

Alcohol ethoxylate - Mild non-ionic surfactant. Help remove grease from surfaces

Benzalkonium chloride - Biocide, preservative and cationic surfactant. Provides anti-microbial action for surface sanitisation

Lauramine oxide - Sulphate-free non-ionic plant derived surfactant. Mild foam stabiliser and soil suspension

Phenoxyethanol - Paraben-free preservative. Prevents microbial degradation of the product

Trisodium dicarboxymethyl alaninate - Mild builder. Prevents precipitation of hard water salts

PPG-2 Meth

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