Nature Soap Bag - Sisal

Nature Soap Bag - Sisal

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Brand:  Ancient Wisdom
Material:  Sisal
Dimensions:  12x8 (cm)
Weight:  0.017Kg

Are you looking for a way to make your soap last longer?

The natural sisal soap bag is the perfect way to store your favorite bar of soap. It's made from biodegradable sisal, which means it won't release any chemicals into your environment when you use it. It's water-neutral, vegan, and fair trade, so you can feel good about using this product every day.

      ✓ 100% natural sisal soap bag
      ✓ Easy to use and hang up to dry. Keep your soap dry and fresh
      ✓ Eliminate worries about chemicals in your skin care products
      ✓ Feel better after a long day with the natural exfoliation properties of sisal 
      ✓ Made of sustainable materials that will biodegrade in nature instead of polluting our environment

Sisal Soap Bag

Soap is a necessary part of life, but it can be hard to find the right place to store it.

Sisal Soap Bag is a 100% natural, water-neutral, vegan and fair product made from biodegradable sisal. It offers your solid soap piece a home by providing an easy way to hang it up and dry between uses. The natural sisal soap bag is great for exfoliation or massage, delicate enough to keep your skin clean and soft while promoting  blood circulation. The soap saver will help prolong the life of your soap bar (you will get away with using less thanks to its scrubby nature, plus hanging the soap to dry is better to leaving it in a soggy mess! You'll also avoid having to buy a separate scrub bar, since this multipurpose product will have you covered!

You'll never have trouble finding a place for your next batch of homemade soaps. Say goodbye to the days of soap residue on your shower floor!

       ✓ 100% natural, water-neutral, vegan and fair product made from biodegradable sisal.
       ✓ Easy way to hang it up and dry
       ✓ Promote blood circulation
       ✓ Fibers of sisal are very fine, which makes them perfect for gentle exfoliation or massage.

This sustainable design will last you years with proper care - just rinse in cold water after use then hang out on its drying rack until ready for another round of cleaning power! 

Ancient Wisdom is a global wholesaler that has been importing hand-crafted gifts products like Aromatherapy Gifts, Home Fragrance Items, Bathroom Gifts from India, Indonesia and China at very competitive prices for over 20 years. They are passionate about giftware and products since 1995 with over 70, 000 retailers with warehouses across Asia. 

1. How do I use my soap bag?

Simply pop the soap in the bag, tighten the toggle and off you go. Hang up between uses to allow the soap to dry.

2. Will this leak microplastics?

No! This is entirely natural, plastic free and biodegradable, so you needn't worry about it causing harm to the environment.

3. I have sensitive skin, will this be too scrubby?

Use with caution at first, to give a slow, gentle scrub. However, the soap bag provides a very gentle, natural scrub .



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