Plastic Free Shower Scrunchy

Plastic Free Shower Scrunchy

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Brand:  Ancient Wisdom
Material:  Rami
Weight:  0.035Kg

Do you love a good exfoliation using a natural fibre bath scrunchy?

Ramie fibre is perfect for this purpose as it is even stronger when wet. Using a bath scrunchy is not only great for exfoliating your skin but also helps create a better lather meaning soaps last longer. Everyone's daily regime, especially in winter when our skin is at the driest as it removes our dead skin cells leaving our skin look and feeling fresh and soft. 

✓ The natural fibre will not lose its shape and is stronger when wet.

✓ Stimulates blood circulation in your fingers to keep them healthy 

✓  Keep your fingers looking young and beautiful with this eco friendly swap

✓  Feel like you're in a spa every time you take a bath!


Our handpicked products are zero waste & made using only sustainable ingredients.

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Our 100% all-natural products are free from toxic chemicals and nasties.

You can use your natural fibre bath scrunchy every day of the week without worrying about damaging or tearing it apart like other products on the market today. It's strong enough that if you do happen to get soap stuck in between its fibres, just give it a quick rinse under running water and voila! Like new again! No more buying disposable puffs over and over again because they tear apart after one wash with your favourite body wash or soap bar. This product was designed with YOU in mind - we know how important having beautiful looking healthy-looking skin really is.

NATURAL FIBRE BATH SCRUNCHY - Our bath scrunchies are made from natural ramie fibre.

STRONGER WHEN WET - Unlike most bath puffs or scrunchies this natural scrunchy is made from ramie fibre.

EXFOLIATE - Use daily to gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and revealing a fresh new layer underneath.

Nature Scrunchy - Rami is everyone who wants to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Natural fibre bath scrunchy for daily exfoliation in the bath or shower. Unlike most bath puffs or scrunchies,  using a bath scrunchy is not only great for exfoliating your skin but also helps create a better lather meaning soaps last longer.

That's why we created Nature Scrunchy - Rami 35gm for everyone who wants their own personal spa experience right from home everyday of their life.

How will you be able to resist? You can purchase one of these natural fibre bath scrunchies today. 


1. What are the benefits of using this natural fibre?

It is stronger when wet. This makes it perfect for a bath scrunchy which may be damp or wet while in use.

2. How should I wash my scrunchy?

Rinse your scrunchy thoroughly after each use. When you feel its getting dirty, soak it in cool water with some mild shampoo or soap for 10 minutes. Rinse again with cool water and lay flat to dry.


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