Natural Loofah Body Scrubs - Heart

Natural Loofah Body Scrubs - Heart

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Brand:  Ancient Wisdom
Material:  Loofah, Cotton
Dimensions:  12,5x12x0,5 (cm)

Feeling a Little Rough?

These loofah scrubs are entirely underrated, in fact they are a great item to have in your bath and beauty kit. There's no need for the plastic, harsh ingredients or microbeads that you might find in other products, this pretty heart loofah scrub does the trick! With a good scrub followed by a moisturiser, you'll feel good as new!

VEGAN - Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free

PLASTIC FREE -  Made with just natural Loofah and cotton, with a simple cardboard tag, this is entirely plastic free.

KIND TO SKIN - These are a great option for anyone with sensitive skin- use gently for a light scrub. We recommend pairing up with one of our artisan hand made soaps.

Do you want soft smooth skin, without harming the environment?

Our natural loofah body scrub heart is perfect for you! Made with 100% biodegradable materials, this product will help you get that clean luxurious feeling and keep your skin soft to the touch. This loofah makes it super easy to exfoliate and is environmentally friendly so you can feel good about using our product.

Give yourself an at-home spa day with our Natural Loofah Body Scrub Heart- you deserve it!These are a fab substitute for body scrubs laden with microbeads or plastic body puffs that leach microplastics. You'll achieve the same results, minus the chemicals and plastic. Win-win!

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