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Natural Deodorant for Children

When your children hit puberty, they start to sweat more so they stink of body odour. How do you choose the right natural deodorant for your children?

choosing the best deodorant for children

Children start puberty at different ages. Some start as early as 9 years old while others as late as 15 years old. Regardless, our children undergo a lot of changes to their bodies when they reach puberty. Among these changes is hair growing in their armpits and more active sweat glands. As these changes are happening, you start noticing that your children are sweating more than they used to and have a distinct body odour.

As your children sweat, bacteria breaks down it down which leads to body odour. Antiperspirant and deodorants are the most common products people use to address this. While most people use these terms interchangeably and some products work as both an antiperspirant and deodorant, thereís a huge difference between the two.

Antiperspirants blocks our sweat glands from producing sweat while deodorants neutralises body odour.

Dealing with body odour and sweat is a subject that both parent and child should discuss together. There are many products available to deal with this problem but choosing the right deodorant for your children is just as important as knowing when to have them start using one.

Antiperspirant vs Deodorant

Since sweat is considered to be the main factor causing body odour, your first action might be to get your child to use an antiperspirant. While most adult antiperspirant can be used by children, interrupting our bodies natural functions isnít a great idea, especially at a young age when your childrenís bodies are still changing.

The main cause for concern of using antiperspirant is in its main active ingredient; aluminum. Aluminum, considered to be a sweat-inhibitor, works like a plug that completely blocks our sweat glands from producing sweat. Itís very effective in this regard thatís itís the most common ingredient found in antiperspirants. Since the body absorbs aluminum, it has been suggested that there might be a link between aluminum and some serious health issues. It should be noted that there has been no conclusive scientific study to confirm this. Aside from aluminum, antiperspirants are packed with nasty chemicals like parabens.

Deodorants, on the other hand, does not alter any of our bodily functions. Instead of completely stopping our bodies to produce sweat, they instead neutralises or even eliminate body odour. Even the variants that are not natural are considered more gentle than antiperspirant. There are a few deodorants that do a good job in keeping you smelling fresh and even dry.

So if you are concerned about the possible side effects of using antiperspirants, your best choice is to let your children use deodorants instead. You can deal with this stinky problem naturally. Whatís even better is that there are a lot of deodorants that are made using natural ingredients. These natural deodorants are safe and gentler on your childrenís skin.

Most of these natural ingredients use arrowroot powder and sodium bicarbonate to neutralise and eliminate body odour. Some deodorants also contain pure essential oils and botanicals and could come either scented or unscented. They are also alcohol-free and parabens-free.

Even though these deodorants are made from natural ingredients, they can still cause allergic reactions in the form of skin irritation to some people. It is highly recommended that you test the product on a small section of your childrenís body parts like the back of their hand. Look for signs for skin irritation like redness and swelling.

While deodorants definitely help keep us smelling good and at times dry, itís not a substitute for good hygiene. As parents, we should encourage our children to take good care of themselves through proper hygiene and remind them not to rely on deodorants too much.

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