Mutiny Luxury Shaving Kit Complete

Mutiny Luxury Shaving Kit Complete

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Mutiny Shaving RazorMutiny Shaving Razor
Sisal Sponge and Scrub - Exfoliating GloveSisal Sponge and Scrub - Exfoliating Glove
Mutiny Shaving SoapMutiny Shaving Soap
Janni Bars Lotion BarJanni Bars Lotion Bar
Hemu Wood Soap Dish - PianoHemu Wood Soap Dish - Piano

Brand:  Baba Me
Dimensions:  9 4 2.5 cm

  • Everything you need to make the swap to a more eco friendly way to shave!
  • We've included our most popular Mutiny razor alongside a range of products to exfoliate, shave and moisturise.

  • Are you tired of paying for single use razors and expensive cartiridges that end up piled up in landfill sites?

    This stylish reusable razor is kinder to the environment, kinder to your wallet and most importantly, kinder to your skin! The razor and blades(5 included) are fully recyclable and so fit comfortably in to your zero waste lifestyle.

    To help you get the cleanest shave, we have included an exfoliating glove to use before you shave, a shaving soap and a lush Janni bars massage bar to keep your skin moisturised and prevent ingrown hairs.We've left the razor colour and shaving soap up to you, so you can pick whichever best suits you.

    Mutiny Shaving soaps are hand made using the traditional cold process and 100% natural ingredients. They lathers up and smell beautiful, giving a moisturising, cushioned layer for your shave. 100% natural, not tested on animals, no parabens, no SLS, only natural, ethical ingredients. Each soap is hand cut so may differ slightly in shape. Packaged in 100% recyclable paper.

    Janni Bars lotion bars are oil rich and gentle, packed with natural goodness to ensure that your skin is well nourished after your shave. They are also scented with lavender and make a fab massage bar, which can only be an added bonus!

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