Mixed 12 Nappy Kit
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Mixed 12 Nappy Kit

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BumGenius Freetime All In One NappiesBumGenius Freetime All In One Nappies
Flip Daytime Organic Cotton Inserts (3 pack)Flip Daytime Organic Cotton Inserts (3 pack)
Petit Lulu  All In One Pocket Nappy (Snaps)Petit Lulu All In One Pocket Nappy (Snaps)
Blueberry Capri Reusable Nappy CoversBlueberry Capri Reusable Nappy Covers

Petit Lulu All In One Pocket Nappy (Snaps)

An all in one (AIO) pocket nappy that fits from 4-15kg and is very easy to change.

The Petit Lulu all in one pocket nappy is as simple to change as a disposable nappy, and can be stuffed with a variety of inserts to suit your absorbency needs.

The outer layer is 100% polyester (laminated with polyurethane) with a fleece hem. A bio-cotton pocket is attached to the outer layer which creates a pocket that can be stuffed with absorbent inserts.

The nappy comes with a short and a long bamboo bio-cotton terry insert and can be used in combination with other inserts.

Unlike the majority of other pocket nappies the Petit Lulu AIO inner layer is not sewn into the seam at the legs which is the wettest area of the nappy. This stops the fleece from getting wet and really helps with preventing leaks.

Machine washable at 60 degrees.

Blueberry Capri covers- to be used with Flip cotton day time inserts in this kit

The Blueberry Capri Covers are a reliable reusable Cloth Nappy Cover to fit over your nappy insert. It is the waterproof part of your cloth nappy system and locks in the wet. Inside the Capri Cover there are flaps to keep the insert in place & help it stay put on even the most active toddler's bum! 

The Capri Covers have built in leg gussets to contain even the biggest nappy explosions! They have snaps on the front that adjust to grow with your baby, there are 2 rows of snaps to allow you to adjust both the waist and the legs around your little one. These Capri covers also close with snaps. The cover can be reused straight away as you only need to change the absorbent inner part you have chosen at each nappy change.

Blueberry Covers come in one size, designed to fit from 10 to 35lbs. 

Flip Daytime inserts

Why choose the Flip Daytime Organic Insert?

-Super absorbent

-Super trim

-Quick drying!

-Organic nappies- great for sensitive skin

This option is perfect for those who need washable nappies absorbent enough to contain toddler floods, but will dry quickly. The design is very clever: the insert comes as a large, very thin sheet that folds in to a pad. This means that relative to the absorbency of the insert, the drying time is exceptional!

Bumgenius Freetime

Why BumGenius Freetime?

Bumgenius Freetimes are our best selling real nappies. This all in one, birth-to-potty nappy is about as close to a disposable as it gets, in terms of ease of use! No prep, no need for nappy liners- it can go straight from the clothes line on to your baby's bottom! We find this a popular option for those new to reusable nappies, for sending to daycare etc. Once again BumGenius have carefully designed this nappy, with semi-attached inserts that drastically decrease drying time. Collector of printed nappies? BumGenius regularly release beautiful limited addition prints The Freetime really does tick all the boxes!

Adjustable size, will fit from approximately 8-35+lbs* Stretchy tabs* provide a custom fit.

Microfibre inserts, topped with inbuilt stay dry liner to keep baby feeling dry. Boosters can easily be added for heavier wetters or overnights.

Stretchy tabs* provide a custom fit.

Gentle leg elastic contains the mess!

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