Med Botanical Candles - Japanese Garden

Med Botanical Candles - Japanese Garden

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Brand:  Ancient Wisdom
Material:  Ceramic, Soywax, Rose wood
Dimensions:  8x6 (cm)
Weight:  0.9Kg /Candle

  • Unique scented candles in ceramic pots.
  • Natural soy wax and a crackling wooden wick.
  • 27 hour burn time.

Med Botanical Candles - Japanese Garden

Wooden wick natural soy wax candles in beautiful ceramic pots with natural botanical scents.

These gorgeous candles come in a set of three and make the perfect gift, fitting stylishly into any home or workplace.

Soy wax is chosen as a natural alternative to paraffin wax which releases toxins into your home as it burns. Soy wax not only burs cleaner and is environmentally friendly but has a longer burn time and is excellent at dispersing fragrance.

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