Little Lamb Washable Fleecy Nappy Liners

Little Lamb Washable Fleecy Nappy Liners

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Brand:  Little Lamb
Size:  Size 1: 30cm x 11.5cm Size 2: 35cm x 14cm
Material:  Fleece

  • Ultra-soft washable fleecy nappy liners made from microfleece.
  • Comes in a pack of 10 cost-efficient liners.
  • Placed between the baby and the nappy to catch solids.
  • Comes in three sizes and suitable to use for all nappy systems.

Little Lamb Washable Fleecy Nappy Liners

Made from ultra-soft microfleece, these washable liners will save you heaps of money.

Placed between baby and the nappy, it catches the poo that you can then flush down the loo, whilst taking all fluids away from baby's bottom.

No need for flushable liners when you buy this pack of 10 washable liners.
Suitable to use with all nappy systems.

Size 1 for Newborn - 9 months (7lb-20lbs) size is 30cm x 11.5cm

Size 2 for 9 months - potty (20-38lbs) size is 35cm x 14 cm

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