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Little Lamb Nappies

Little Lamb Eco-friendly Nappies

Little Lamb offers a wide variety of baby care products like bamboo nappies, reusable baby wipes, inserts and boosters.

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Little Lamb Deluxe Cloth Wipes Kit
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Little Lamb Cloth Wipes Kit
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Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters
Little Lamb Bamboo Breast Pads
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Little Lamb Bamboo Fitted
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Little Lamb Bamboo Inserts
Little Lamb Nesh Met Bag
Little Lamb Nappy Liners

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Little Lamb Reusable Bamboo Nappy, Inserts & More

Little Lamb’s best selling baby care product, the bamboo nappy, is made from bamboo. It features a bamboo viscose booster to increase the nappy's absorbency. It also has a comfortable fit. Unlike disposable nappies, the bamboo nappy is washable and can save you a lot of money in the long term. It helps preserve the environment too since it's made from a renewable material like bamboo. This nappy is more effective if used together with other Little Lamb products like nappy boosters and inserts.

If you are looking for high quality baby care essentials, look no further than our Little Lamb collection.