Little Lamb Bamboo Breast Pads

Little Lamb Bamboo Breast Pads

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Brand:  Little Lamb
Style:  Baby Wipes
Material:  Cotton
Country Of Manufacture:  USA

  • Woven breast pads made from two layers of Oeko-Tex certified bamboo.
  • Has one layer of internally bonded waterproof backing.
  • Absorbs wetness preventing stains on clothes.
  • Includes 10 breast pads in a mesh laundry bag.

LittleLamb breast pads are dense, or thin depending on which way you look at it, because they are woven and not knitted.

Woven products will shrink 5% and can lose a bit of shape but with breast pads that isn't a problem, they are designed to work for maximum efficiency at the cost of looking pretty, not a problem as they are hidden inside your bra.

Always wash and rinse four or five times before using to remove all loose fibres and wipe your nipple before feeding baby just in case there is any stray lint.

Each pad is made from two layers of Oeko-tex certified bamboo, with one layer having an internally bonded waterproof backing; the same as our wraps and pocket nappies, and they reach maximum absorption after a dozen washes.

Two sizes are available but the vast majority of customers buy, and are happy with, the 11cm size.  To launder, place all used pads in the laundry bag and place in the washer with your normal clothing. Do not wash with dirty nappies. In fact, do not wash any clothing with dirty nappies that could contact baby's mouth.
Each pack contains 10 breast pads in a mesh laundry bag.

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