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Little Lamb Bamboo Breast Pads

Little Lamb Bamboo Breast Pads

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Brand:  Little Lamb
Style:  Baby Wipes
Material:  Cotton
Country Of Manufacture:  USA

  • Pack of 10 bamboo breast pads.
  • Reusable and zero-waste super-absorbent pads.
  • Made with woven bamboo yarns.
  • Soft against the skin whilst absorbing milk preventing leak and dampness.

Amazing Little Lamb Bamboo Breast Pads are mommies discreet yet healthiest choice when it comes to nursing.

Little Lamb's Bamboo Breast Pads are slim, absorbent and breathable pads that are soft against the skin and are economical as they can be reused over and over. It comes in 2 sizes to match the size and underwear.

These pads work by absorbing the milk and preventing leakage and dampness through your shirt. Beautifully woven from bamboo yarn, these breast pads are super absorbent and not bulky. Woven bamboo shrinks up to 10% but that is a bonus as woven yarns absorb more! Excellent!

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