Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters

Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters

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Brand:  Little Lamb
Style:  Nappy Boosters
Size:  Size 1 10x29cm Size 2 12x35cm
Drying Time:  Slow
Daytime Nappy:  Large size
Ease of Use:  Easy
Slimness:  Slim
Absorbency Rating:  Average
Absorbency Material:  Bamboo Viscose / Rayon

10 Bamboo boosters. Adds extra absorbancy when placed inside the nappy.

Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters

The Little Lamb bamboo boosters are ultra soft, ultra absorbent and one of the best selling nappy boosters on the market.

The Little Lamb bamboo boosters will add extra absorbency when added to any nappy.  It can be laid inside on top of prefolds or stuffed inside pockets to give your nappy an extra boost.  They are great for heavy wetters or to help your nappies last overnight.

Available in packs of 10.

Size 1 Boosters will suit babies 7-20lbs (30cm L x 11cm W)

Size 2 Boosters will suit babies 20-35lbs (34cm L x 13cm W)

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