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Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters Triple Thickness

Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters Triple Thickness

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Brand:  Little Lamb
Style:  Nappy Boosters
Size:  Size 1 10x29cm Size 2 12x35cm
Drying Time:  Very Slow
Daytime Nappy:  Yes
Ease of Use:  Easy
Slimness:  Quite Bulky
Absorbency Material:  Bamboo Viscose / Rayon

  • Great boosters for heavy nighttime wetters.
  • Slim-fitting and super absorbent.
  • Easy to clean and triple thick bamboo yarn boosters.
  • Very handy for adding boosts to reusable nappies.

Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters in Triple Thickness is by far WONDERFUL! It is identical to 2-ply boosters but comes with an extra layer.

Reusable nappies will surely love this as it can provide additional and increased absorbency. These boosters are made with Oeko-Tex 100 certified bamboo yarn for heavy nighttime wetters or for babies stuck in car seat for longer times.

The set featured comes in 5 boosters per pack.

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