Laidbare Smooth As A Peach Cellulite Buster 125ml

Laidbare Smooth As A Peach Cellulite Buster 125ml

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Brand:  Laidbare
Size:  125ml

Smooth As A Peach Cellulite Buster

Laidbare Smooth As A Peach Cellulite Buster

Fancy toning your skin without setting foot near a gym? Of course you do! This clever cream works hard to improve the appearance of skin by improving tone and texture. Incredibly effective on troublesome areas such as the thighs, it is also gentle enough to target more delicate areas. It is a refreshingly light, fast absorbing cream that won't leave your skin feeling greasy and has fresh, floral aroma, leaving you feeling and smelling great.

The natural blend of ingredients is packed full of essential oils and vitamins creating a delicious food for your skin.

Catappa Leaf Extract is perfect for firming, tightening and toning skin. Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract assists in skin brightening, works as an antiseptic, and balances the skins appearance. Caffeine treats cellulite by taking fat away from the body, which reduces the appearance of dimples. Chlorella Vulagaris is great at reducing the appearance of stretch marks. All in all, a recipe for smoother, more toned, radiant skin.

Suitable for all skin types

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