Kid Kanteen 266ml Nipple Top Medium Flow

Kid Kanteen 266ml Nipple Top Medium Flow

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Brand:  Klean Kanteen
Material:  Stainless Steel
Capacity:  266ml (9oz)
Weight:  113g
Cap Style:  Medium Flow Silicone Nipple
Top Opening Size:  54mm
Height:  17.3cm
Width at bottom:  7.2cm

Give your baby the best start in life!

Your baby will love drinking from this medium flow nipple top - just like they would at mommy's breast! This soft silicone nipple mimics breastfeeding so babies feel more comfortable drinking their milk. 

✓ You'll feel relief knowing your baby is drinking from a safe and healthy bottle 
✓ Your child will grow up strong and confident because they were able to drink at their own pace
✓ Get to know your child better by feeding them like you do at home.
✓ Give your baby the best start in life 
✓ Your baby will be able to feed themselves without choking or gasping for breath.

Your baby deserves only the best, and we think this baby bottle is just that. We know how important it is to find an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles, so we have this baby bottle designed safe for kids and easy on parents too! This medium flow nipple top is great for babies 6 months old who need a medium flow than what they would get from fast flow nipples. 

✓ Stainless steel construction and electropolished interior make this safe, eco-friendly and easy to clean.
✓ Dishwasher Safe.
✓ Plastic-free premium design.
✓ Soft silicone nipple.
✓ Wide 54mm opening for easy filling and cleaning.

Your baby will love drinking their milk out of this adorable bottle!

A healthy, safe, toxin-free baby bottle specially designed for the littlest members of the family. The 266ml version comes with a medium flow nipple, made from soft medical grade silicone, to encourage relaxed feeding at a natural pace. The wide base and nipple shape encourages proper latching and the double venting system reduces colic. 

There are three nipples to choose from which can be bought separately. 

  • Slow Flow for babies 0-6 months
  • Medium Flow for babies 6 months plus
  • Fast Flow for babies 9 months plus

The Kid Kanteen bottle has a tapered shape that is perfect for little hands to hold and the wide mouth makes it easy to fill and clean the bottle. Each bottle is marked on the inside and outside so it's easy to see how much is inside or how much your baby has had to drink. 

Klean Kanteen is a company that was founded in 2004 and came onto the market with one goal: to provide people with a better option than plastic and lined aluminum bottles. They wanted to offer people a safe, healthy, lightweight bottle free of BPA and other toxic substances. The 27oz Klean Kanteen became their flagship product because it's so versatile-it can be used for hot or cold beverages, as well as for storing things like soup or even ice cream. The founder Robert has always been passionate about sustainability; he created Klean Kanteen out of his desire to do something good for the world around him.


1. Where are they made?

266ml BPA free, safe, healthy bottle made from stainless steel with a medical grade silicone nipple.

2. Does the bottle includes measurements?

Yes, it includes easy to read measurements on the inside and outside of the bottle.

3. Are these dishwasher safe?

4. What is the  size of the baby bottle?

Approx with cap and nipple 17.3cm x 7.2cm

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