Klean Kanteen Fast Flow Nipple 2 pack

Klean Kanteen Fast Flow Nipple 2 pack

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Brand:  Klean Kanteen

  • Soft, pliable fast flow nipple made from medical grade silicone.
  • Designed to fit the Klean Kanteen stainless steel baby bottles.
  • Wide base, long flexible nipple and double vented for relaxed, comfortable, natural feeding.

Klean Kanteen Fast Flow Nipple - 2 pack

These medical grade silicone nipples are designed to fit the Kid Kanteen Baby Bottles.

The nipples have a wide base and variable thickness. Designed to feel more like the real thing this helps with latching and allows the nipple to adjust as your baby sucks mimicking the way a human nipple adjusts during breastfeeding.

This also ensures proper placement in the mouth which in turn promotes correct oral development and healthy teeth.

The double venting system has been designed to help reduce colic ensuring that your baby is swallowing liquid rather than air thus leading to more comfortable and relaxed feeding.

Available in three flow rates:

  • Slow for babies 0-6months
  • Medium for babies 6 months+ and
  • Fast for babies 9 months+

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