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Keeping Wooden Train Sets Together

wooden train set

Wooden Train Sets

Wooden train sets are timeless and beautiful. They can last through the years and are durable enough to withstand beatings and rough playing. As long as they are properly cleaned and kept, the future generations can still play with them.

The beauty of our collection of wooden train sets is that they are compatible with almost all other wooden train sets from other big brands. Each is made from high-quality materials from reputable ethical brands.

The Bigjigs wooden train tracks, for example, is very likely compatible with brands such as Ikea and Thomas. By incorporating different train tracks from different brands, children will positively fulfil their small world play and achieve a lot of beneficial skills.

However, you may have noticed your childís frustration when his wooden train set comes apart or when the tower, drawbridge and a lot more structure collapses. It may be also tiring and frustrating as well as a parent to rebuild the structure over and over again.

So how do you keep wooden train sets together?

Use a Wood Glue

The thought of securing the wooden train set forever is tempting and also a good choice. One of the best ways to keep them from coming apart is to use a wood glue. A wood glue will completely keep the tracks in places and will secure the parts for good.

Yet, as secure and as sturdy as they look on the table, once the tracks are glued on the table, the frustration never stops. Moreso, the childís play becomes limited. Hence, using a wood glue or permanently gluing the wooden train set has some sort of disadvantages.

  • Damages the outer surface of the track set. Gluing wooden train sets may not sound good at all. Although it secures the toy on the table, the permanence can truly damage the train sets. We all know wooden toys are expensive. Changing your mind after they are already glued by removing them may damage and ruin them.
  • Turns into a single purpose toy. Once the wooden train set is permanently glued on the table, it becomes a single purpose toy. From what has been an open-ended toy, now becomes a stagnant toy.
  • Limits the use of the table. Itís truly remarkable to use the table for many different games and not just for a sole toy. Moreover, not every home has the luxury of space and a lot of tables intended for a childís play may not look aesthetically.
  • Loses the value and interest. We all know a childís attention span isnít that great when it comes to play time. There may be time that he/she may become too engaged, other times, he/she wants other games. This goes the same way to wooden train tracks that are permanently glued on the table. Children may lose their interest in playing over time.

Other Alternatives to Wood Glue

Fortunately, there are other alternatives to putting wooden train sets together permanently.

  • Finishing Nails - Wooden train sets can be hammered into the table using finishing nails. The tiny holes left will never go unnoticed and can be mended using fillers and paint.
  • Hot Glue - The beauty of using a hot glue is that it can securely keep everything in place not just toys but never for a permanent reason. Plus, a hot glue doesnít leave traces when itís time to remove them.
  • Duct Tape (No Residue) - This is very ideal if you do not want the train set to be permanent on the table. It also does not ruin the table nor the toyís surfaces because it leaves no residue after.
  • Small Wood Screws - Just like using finishing nails, small wood screws are effective alternatives. They can keep the track pieces secure. You can also mend the holes after using fillers and paint.
  • Suretrack Clips - These clips can be bought online. Suretrack clips can help prevent the train set from coming apart. The downside is that you may need to adjust them from time to time.
  • Mounting Putty - Another excellent idea is to use a mounting putty. The only thing that can be strenuous is to keep a flat and even track.
  • Covering the table with felt strips - Felt strips can be used to cover the entire table permanently or not. Nevertheless, it prevents the toys from coming apart together and from sliding around.

These are some of the effective alternatives to using wood glue. Because they are never permanent, you can easily remove the train track and convert the table to another purpose.

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