Keep Cup Brew Cork 12oz
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Keep Cup Brew Cork 12oz

Our Price:  €22.50


Brand:  KeepCup
Size:  12oz / 354ml

  • Reusable.
  • Splash proof. Features a sealable lid and plug.
  • Made from durable soda-limed tempered galss.
  • Supplied with a cork band for safe handling and avoiding breakage.

Never use plastic cups again when ordering your favorite coffee! Bring along with you this adorable, durable and reusable Keep Cup Brew Cork anytime and anywhere and be part of the millions in sustainable development.

This cup features a strong and sturdy soda-limed tempered glass. It has a sealable lid and plug that makes it splash proof ideal cup. For easier handling and prevents breakage, it is supplied and featured with a cork band. When cleaning thoroughly, the lid and plug must be removed and air dried after.

Capacity: 12oz/354 ml

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