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The keepcup reusable coffee cup is a glass reusable cup which claim to be the worlds first barista standard reusable cup. The keepcup original is made from glass whilst you can also get plastic keepcups. The cork edition has a cork band around it.

Keep Cup use tempered glass which is toughened. They have a silicone lid and band. The Cork version has a cork band around the keepcup reusable coffee cup.

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Keep Cup Brew Cork 12oz
KeepCup Brew 12oz

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keepcup reusable coffee cup - Made to Last!

Keepcups are made to last! The environmental aspect of eachkeepcup reusable coffee cup is carefully thought out. All of the parts are replaceable. But the parts used on keep cups are carefully engineered to be fit for purpose, to be hardwearing and to do the job. They are desinged to replace disposable coffee cups (or tea cup).

How to Wash Your Keep Cup

Glass can scratch so don't use abrasive materials when cleaning. Just like other mugs, a quick rinse will do daily. A thorough clean can be done at the weekend. All parts of the keep cup reusable cup is dishwasher safe, on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Keep Cup Cork Band

There is no need to remove the cork band when washing as it may break or crack. Just wash as normal, it will expand and loosen so then dry the cork , on the glass upside down and it will shrink back to fit! and and loosen. Just rest it upside down (on the glass tumbler) in a warm place to restore shape. All replacement parts can be bought from KeepCup. We love the cork edition Keepcup!

Recycling your Keep Cup Reusable Coffee Cup

The glass is tempered, so the annealed surface makes it unfit for recycling. No broken glass is recycled. Cork bands can go straight into the compost. The silicone band unfortunately goes to general waste in the UK.

Keepcup Reusable Coffee Cup Packaging

The Keep Cup retail boxes are made from FSC certified cardboard, as is the included leaflet.

Keep Cup Sizes

The keepcup reusable coffee cup comes in three sizes. Keepcup Mini/Small 8oz. The Keep cup medium 12oz 340ml. The keepcup large 16 oz.

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