Jute Mini Shopping Basket  16 x 10 x 12cm

Jute Mini Shopping Basket 16 x 10 x 12cm

Our Price:  €4.10

Material:  Cotton

Shopping baskets are a necessity for any retail store.

Jute Mini Shopping Baskets are the perfect solution. They're lined with cotton, so they're soft to touch but strong enough to carry all your goodies. And they come in a variety of colours that match any décor or occasion. 

✓ They'll feel like they're holding a present every time they hold one of these bags!
✓ You'll spend more time in the store because you can carry it easier.
✓ Helps you feel good about your purchase because it is kinder on the environment, softer on hands, and cheaper than plastic alternatives



Jute Mini Baskets are the perfect size to hold your smaller items like jewelry, cosmetics or even snacks! They're also great for gift baskets and ready-to-go gifts. 

✓ Eco-friendly stress free wrapping.
Gorgeous mini jute shopping basket.
✓ Ideal for making your own hampers.

Shopping baskets are a necessity for any store.

This is a well thought out design of the ultimate eco-friendly shopping basket. Made from natural jute, it'll save people so much money too - who needs plastic?! The cotton lining means there is something comfortable in between you and your groceries ⎯ no soggy paper thank goodness.

Order some jute mini shopping baskets for your business today!


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