Jungle Snakes & Ladders

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Brand:  Orchard Toys
Age:  4y+

Who will be the first monkey to reach the top of the tree?

Jungle Snakes & Ladders is the perfect travel game for your little ones. It's small, compact and portable so they can take it with them on long car rides or flights. 

✓ Develops Number and Counting Skills
✓ Encourages Observational Skills
✓ Develops Personal and Social Skills
Creates memories with your children that will last a lifetime 
Get peace of mind knowing they're playing a fun game that won't distract them from the road or make them too tired to enjoy the vacation.

It's the quick-paced, snake and ladder madness that will send your family's young monkeys climbing with delight. Get ready to rattle the dice! Race up the ladders and try to avoid the slithering snakes in this jungle-themed game for kids aged 4 and up. Your little monkey can race through a variety of fun levels with obstacles as they climb towards their destination - the top of the tree! What do you win? The heartiest laughs along with memories for life!

✓ Exciting travel version of the classic family board game
✓ it's suitable for ages 4-7 so everyone in the car can join in on the fun.
✓ Can be played with 2-4 players
✓  It's small, compact and portable so you can take it anywhere! 
✓ A fun way to pass the time on long car rides 

Boot up your imagination and get ready for a round of adventure!

This pocket-sized board game is perfect for friends, families or one-on-one competition during any kind of playtime, from car rides to road trips. Assemble this 6 piece game board and start the adventure. And it goes without saying that you want to avoid those sneaky snakes at all cost (and keep away from them ladders!) because there's no way you'll make it to the top of the tree before beating your opponents. This travel size game is for 2 - 4 players and suitable for ages 4 - 7 years.

Orchard Toys is one of the leading manufacturers of educational games and puzzles. They started out making blocks for a local nursery school, but have now grown to be recognised as one of the leaders in this field. Their mission is to help children learn through play. Orchard Toys are committed to ensuring that their toys are fun, safe, and stimulating while they encourage creativity and imagination. 


1. Why is  Snakes & Ladders Mini Game important for kids?

It's a classic, but it teaches us so much more than just how to get ahead in life. This game represent risks and rewards - with snakes representing danger while ladders symbolize opportunity for success.

2.  What contents are included in this game?

It includes 1 jigged playing board, 4 coloured counters and 1 dice

4. What age is this toy suitable for?

Suitable for children ages from 4 to 7

5. Where is this toy made out of?
This toy is made responsibly from UK


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