Janni Bars Bodycare Bundle

Janni Bars Bodycare Bundle

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Janni Bars Lotion BarJanni Bars Lotion Bar
Natural Deodorant StickNatural Deodorant Stick
Janni Bars Face Wash BarJanni Bars Face Wash Bar
Janni Bars Rose and Raspberry SerumJanni Bars Rose and Raspberry Serum
Janni Bars Soap BarsJanni Bars Soap Bars

Brand:  Janni Bars
Country Of Manufacture:  Handmade in Ireland
Sustainable:  ✅
Plastic Free:  ✅

Looking for a new body care routine?

This Janni Bars toiletry Bundle is a perfect collection of 5 gently nourishing body care products from our Janni Bars range. All Janni Bars are handmade using natural ingredients and the products are sustainably packaged.

✓Be kind to your body and to the earth with this natural line of products 

✓Give yourself the pampering treat you deserve!

✓Perfect thoughtful gift.

These products will make you feel like a million bucks! They're perfect for anyone who loves to pamper themselves without harming the environment through the use of plastic packaging.

✓NOURISHING - Our natural products are nourishing, moisturising and protective, and will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

✓HAND MADE AND COLD PROCESSED - This means the soap bars are left to cure for 4 weeks before it can be used. During this time the saponification process takes place, turning the oils into soap!

✓100% NATURAL -  The bars are filled with rich nourishing oils such as Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil and many more butters like Cocoa butter and Shea butter. Everything is plastic free and 100% natural!

You deserve to be pampered.

Face Wash bars

Peachy - This luxurious face wash bar takes exfoliation to a new level. Our Peachy Face Wash Bar contains Olive Oil, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil which is rich in oleic acid which has a balancing effect on your skins natural oils, helping to reduce dryness and irritation. To this we add Orange peel, Safflower petals and Chamomile Flower Extracts which help to gently exfoliate the skin. It is scented with the amazing Janni fragrance - Flowery Citrus. Exfoliating Face Wash Bar, made with beautiful creamy shea butter, peach kernel oil, orange peel and fantastic smelling essential oils of Geranium and Orange. Great for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and really gentle

Satin - This 100% natural bar contains Goat milk powder that will help calm irritated skin, reduces redness and prevent acne. Satin Face Wash Bar is our most gentle and soothing face wash soap, helping calm irritated skin. The added sandalwood oil smells wonderful but also raise cell regeneration, helps to reduce wrinkles as well as detoxifies skin as well as powerful anti-ageing effect. This is a perfect bar for everyday use.

Magic - Cleanse your face from dirt and impurities with Janni's Magic Face Wash Bar. Formulated with activated charcoal, tea tree, and shea butter to gently remove acne-causing oils and toxins, the bar will leave your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.The all natural Janni bars have been carefully formulated to be a kinder, gentler approach to dealing with acne while still delivering natural results.  Not only does this face bar cleanse impurities and moisturize, it also includes ingredients that act as an anti-inflammatory. Tea tree, being one of the most powerful natural antibiotic, not only works to fight acne but also helps to speed up healing time.

Soap Bars

Salt Soap - Himalayan Pink Salt is the effective main ingredient in this gorgeous looking bar. The fine grade salt works as a great exfoliator, a really good scrub for removing dirt and old skin, and at the same time is detoxifying and draws impurities from the skin. Salt also is packed with minerals which will nourish the skin and can help to reduce inflammation. Salt has also been used to thousands of years as an anti-bacterial cleanser for wounds, but be careful as it will sting.

Avocado Scrub - a great addition to any home that has someone with dry, itchy, and/or sensitive skin. This handmade bar works gently and is very moisturising. The Avocado oil, poppy seeds and the lime oil work together for a wonderful exfoliating soap. Poppy seeds are added for their gentle but effective exfoliating properties. A touch of Lime oil gives the bar its refreshing scent. The Avocado oil when used on your skin can help calm itchy skin, heal chapped skin, replenish and moisturise dry skin, making it a gentle but effective soap.

Peat Soap - suitable for all skin types, contains a natural organic ingredient of peat from Ireland, which contains over 200 organic ingredients including zinc, iron copper and selenium. It works as an anti-ageing treatment leaving your skin with a healthy and radiant glow All this is mixed with a natural antiseptic Lemongrass Oil that can help calm acne scarring and skin inflammation and Eucalyptus Oil that helps to treat and prevent acne, it's great for curing minor cuts bruises and blisters on the skin.

Milk & Honey Shampoo & Soap - This bar is a fantastic all round bar with lovely healing properties. It is your one stop shop for skin and scalps that is troubled with eczema, psoriasis, acne, but also great for healthy skin that just wants to stay that way! Also a fantastic bar to share with all the family as it is safe even for the smallest ones. When used as a shampoo, it will leave your hair sleek and silky soft!.

Purple Heart - 70% Shea Butter, which is very moisturizing and cleansing without being harsh or stripping the skin of its natural oils. Also, Shea butter soap is high in skin nourishing vitamins, namely vitamins E, A and C, all of which act as antioxidants to stop the negative effects of harmful free radicals. Vitamins A and C also act as catalysts to the skin to produce more collagen, which in turn fills out wrinkles, aids in faster dermal healing, and results in skin that is plump, tight and resistant to sagging. With added Aloe Vera to soothe sunburns and alleviate itching.

Stout shampoo, beard and bodywash - A unique and intense body wash that is great for beards and hair. It can be used as a shampoo and a conditioner, and is filled with nourishing ingredients to help keep your hair and skin looking healthy. Our Stout Shampoo beard & body Wash is designed for anyone who wants a shower experience with an edge. No doubt that stout is full of nourishment, its loaded with malt and hops which are said to repair damaged hair. Also the sugars that are present in stout are said to tighten and strengthen the hair cuticles for enhanced shine. Combined with Hemp oil which is rich in Omega oil which stimulates hair growth for fuller, thicker and longer hair. The added honey retains and attracts moisture, working as a natural conditioner leaving the hair feeling smooth and healthy. A lovely mix of Bergamot, Patchouli and Cedarwood gives a earthy and cool scent.

Tea Soap - This lovely bar of soap produces a large rich lather that softly cleans and moisturizes your skin. Made with pure saponified Olive oil, as has been done for centuries, this bar is extremely mild but also moisturizing. The scent of this bar is a gorgeous mixture of Cardamom, Rose and Vanilla, and decorated with Black tea.

Sea Soap & Shampoo Bar - natural handmade all natural soap bar has been created from a genuine seaweed moss gel, gathered from the Atlantic Ocean. A beautiful and delicate seaweed, which can also be used for food. The bar is hand cut and with the saponified oils; Coconut Oil, Olive oil and Castor oil and Glycerine resulting in a luxurious rich blend of nourishing Glycerine soap for all hair types. Also contains Peppermint oil to help soothe dry itchy scalps and dandruff, whilst marine salts act as an excellent conditioner

Purchase our 5-piece bundle of natural soaps today!

Janni Bars is a small Irish company that was originally founded with the goal of creating plastic-free grooming products for dogs and horses. It has since grown to include personal care products, all made from natural ingredients in sustainable packaging. The founder, who is originally from Sweden but living in Ireland, started Janni because she wanted to create ethical products that make a difference and put smiles on our faces. Every single sale counts towards this mission.


1. Where are they made?
All Janni soap bars are hand made in Ireland using the finest quality ingredients

2. Are they vegan friendly?
Everything is suitable for vegetarians, and most of the products are vegan too. Avoid Peat Soap and Satin face wash if you are vegan.

3. Is the product suitable for gifting?
Yes, This makes a perfect gift!

4. Is this suitable for sensitive skin?
This formulation of a small number of high quality, natural ingredients is perfect for sensitive skin. If you are sensitive to anything in particular, please check our ingredient list- there are no fancy chemical names in there.

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Peachy- Cocos Nucifera (coconu) oil, Prunus persica (peach) kernel oil, olea europea (olive) oil, Prunus dulcis (Sweet almond) oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) oil, Kaolin, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) bud oil, Citrus sinesis (Sweet orange) peel oil and peel, *limonene, *linalool

Satin- Cocos Nucifera (coconu) oil, Prunus persica (peach) kernel oil, olea europea (olive) oil, Prunus dulcis (Sweet almond) oil, Ricinus communis (Castor) oil, Kaolin, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) bud oil, Citrus sinesis (Sweet orange) peel oil and peel, *limonene, *linalool

Magic- Butyruspermum parkii (shea) butter, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, Ricinus Communis (castor) oil, Charcoal, Rosemarinus officinalis (Rosemary) oil, Citrus Limonum (lemon) oil, Malaleuca Alternifolia (Tea tree) oil, *limonene, *citral, *linalool, *geranoil, *natually occuring