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Is a collapsible water bottle safe?

Reusable collapsible water bottles are safe for drinking. They are specifically made for this purpose and that most of these bottles are made from food-grade silicone. The ones that are made from plastic are still safe because they do not contain BPA.

Is a collapsible water bottle safe

The convenience that a collapsible water bottle provides is remarkable. You can go everywhere and stay hydrated without the worry of disposing your water container like you would with single use water bottles. Since a collapsible water bottle is foldable, you can easily put them inside your bag.

Another, a collapsible water bottle is a very good investment because it is cost-efficient. No need to buy plastic bottles every time you are thirsty which let you save money in the long run. Owning one is a bit expensive because of the initial cost but since they last for years, they are worth every dime. These bottles do not harden or become brittle over time so you can reuse it for years.

While there’s no question about the advantages of a collapsible water bottle, you may be wondering, are these water bottles really safe?

Silicone Collapsible Water Bottle

Most collapsible water bottles are made from food grade silicone. Food-grade silicone is a type of silicone that is safe, non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals which makes it ideal to be used on food. Although they look like plastic, silicones are somewhat related to rubber. Unlike plastic bottles which are made of PVC, phthalates, BPA and many more harmful chemicals, collapsible water bottles are free from BPA and non-porous.

BPA or bisphenol A, as we all know, is harmful for the human body and on the environment. They are most commonly found in plastic and recent studies have shown that BPA can seep into our food and beverages. While not fatal in small doses, exposure to BPA for long periods of time may result in serious health problems like increased blood pressure. Additional studies suggests a link between BPA and other diseases that affect our nervous system.

Food-grade silicone, on the positive side, is free from BPA. They are soft and odorless. Since they are odourless, one way to identify a true food-grade silicone is through smelling. Because of these properties, using a collapsible water bottle made from food-grade silicone allows consumers to transition from their morning coffee to plain water to smoothies and natural fruit juices without altering the flavor of the beverage. There is also no risk of ingesting microplastics and chemicals.

When heat is applied

Unlike plastic bottles, when reusable silicone water bottles are exposed to heat, especially extreme temperature, they do not release any toxic chemicals. Silicone water bottles are made to withstand high degrees of temperature which allows us to enjoy our hot beverage on the go. Most reusable silicone water bottles can keep beverages cold for an extended period of hours.

Choose Collapsible Water Bottle

Making a change to the way we live is never easy. However, there is a dire need for change in our lifestyle. By making a simple switch from bottled water to reusable ones can significantly reduce our impact on the environment.

Plastic is non-biodegradable. The bulk of our plastic waste end up in landfills and oceans. Recent research has shown that our oceans are littered with microplastic, which is any kind of plastic fragments. Marine life has been known to ingest plastic and die because of it. Improper disposal of plastic waste has far reaching consequences that affect humans and animals alike. When animals die, it somehow disrupts the ecosystem.

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