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Is a collapsible water bottle better than plastic?

Collapsible silicone water bottles are better than their plastic counterparts in so many ways. They are reusable, do not contain harmful chemicals like BPA and most importantly they do not add to the plastic wastes that are piling up in our landfills and oceans.

Is a collapsible water bottle better than plastic

Here is what you should know about collapsible water bottle and if they truly better than plastic. If you are trying to reduce the plastic waste, be able to travel without bulky containers inside your bag or be able to pop in an instant a portable water container, then a collapsible water bottle is perfect for you.

Collapsible water bottles are food-grade silicone water containers that you can fold or collapse when empty. These bottles are BPA-free, reusable and handy. If you are a frequent flyer, a sports-minded person or a person who loves to drink water, these bottles are must-haves for you. The good thing about these bottles is that they donít get thrown into bins because you can reuse them for as long as you want.

A Deeper Look at Plastic Bottles

In 2017 alone, market estimates that 480 billions of plastic water bottles were sold. Unfortunately, only a small portion of these bottles were disposed of properly and recycled. Since these bottles are not reusable or when they are not recycled, they always end up buried in landfills, floating in bodies of water or littered everywhere.

The widely used plastic for bottled water and all sorts of packaging is PET or polyethylene terephthalate. PET bottles has been around since the 1970ís and with recent innovations, producing a single PET bottle requires almost 40% resources and energy than they used to. Since PET is lightweight, transporting them uses less fuel. Most importantly, unlike other plastics, PET bottles do not contain BPA. However, it is important to note that PET bottles never decompose. This is the reason why if we canít totally get rid of PET and we are left with the option to recycle as many PET bottles as we can.

Versus Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottle, on the other hand are made from food-grade silicone that are known to never contain BPA. These bottles can be used many times since they are reusable and washable. Although plastic bottles and a collapsible water bottle is lightweight, the latter is portable and handy. They also do not alter or add unpleasant taste to our beverage if say you fill your reusable bottle with smoothie after you use it for your morning coffee.

Durability and Impact on the Environment of Collapsible Water Bottle

If we were to compare plastic bottles to collapsible water bottles in terms of durability and the impact on the environment, we could conclude that collapsible water bottles are far more better than plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles are not durable enough to withstand impact. Plastic bottles are not sturdy enough to withstand falls. Once a full plastic bottle is thrown or accidentally dropped, it will burst or deform. On the other hand, a collapsible water bottle is designed to withstand fall impact. These bottles are extremely durable that over a period of time, they will never crumble, crack, peel or become brittle unlike plastic bottles.

In terms of the impact on the environment, a collapsible water bottle is non-toxic and considered by many as eco-friendly. They do not contain chemicals that are considered toxic to the human body and environment. Some food-grade silicone can be recycled.

While the upfront cost of owning a collapsible water bottle is higher compared to single-serve water bottles, they are worth every penny of your investment. Not only are they healthier, theyíre also more eco-friendly.

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