Hydrophil Bamboo Interdental Brushes

Hydrophil Bamboo Interdental Brushes

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Brand:  Hydrophil
Size:  Size 0 = 0.40 mm, size 1 = 0.45 mm, size 2 = 0.50 mm, size 3 = 0.60 mm
Box Includes:  6 pcs

Have you been looking for a way to clean your teeth?

Hydrophil Interdental Brushes are made of sustainable bamboo and BPA free nylon bristles. They're perfect for daily use because they're gentle on your teeth and gums while still being able to get in to all the nooks and crannies between your teeth that your regular brush can't reach.

✓  Keep your teeth clean and healthy
✓  No more plaque buildup!
✓  Say goodbye to bad breath
✓  Feel confident in yourself
✓  Get rid of food debris from the spaces between your teeth

You deserve to have a beautiful smile, so don't wait any longer! Get these amazing interdental brushes now and start living life with confidence. You won't have to worry about plaque buildup or gum disease with these interdental brushes! They're perfect for anyone who wants to maintain their oral health on a regular basis.

✓ Available in different sizes, starting from 0.40mm all the way up to 0.60mm
✓ Made from sustainable bamboo materials
✓ Designed for you to clean hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth
✓ Eco-friendly and plastic free packaging
✓ Easy to use

Have you considered using an interdental brush as a new way to clean your teeth?

Hydryophil Bamboo Interdental Brushes are designed to clean the space between your teeth and gums. These little guys are safe, soft and effective in giving your mouth a clean feeling. The handles are made out of bamboo which fits comfortably in the hand for an easier reach into those hard-to-reach places. Each pack contains 6 high quality brushes. These interdental brushes also come with a choice of three sizes of bristles from 0.40mm all the way up to 0.60mm for a tailor-made experience based on your oral care needs! Shop our interdental brush range today and enjoy an improved dental care routine!

Hydrophil is a brand of sustainable and environmentally friendly dental hygiene products. Hydrophil was founded in 2012 by three friends, Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja. In the past few years, they have developed a blog on hydrophil.com that has helped them to create an idea for their own product line - one that not only produces products that are made using natural materials and that are also vegan and fair trade products. Today, Hydrophil is one of the market leaders in biodegradable and sustainable dental hygiene.


What are interdental brushes?

Interdental brushes are tiny toothbrushes that have small bristle heads designed to clean between your teeth. They are used to remove food debris and plaque from between the teeth and come in a wide range of widths to accommodate various gap sizes. They are available in a wide range of materials but we highly recommend choosing brushes made from sustainable materials like bamboo.

What are these interdental brushes made out of?

The handle is made of sustainable Moso bamboo, which grows almost entirely on its own without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or artificial irrigation. The bristles are constructed of DuPont Nylon 6, which is a well-known brand. This means Hydrophil provide you with strong, sanitary brushes to clean every crevice between your teeth.

Are they vegan friendly?

Yes, these bamboo interdental brushes from Hydrophil are vegan friendly, eco friendly and cruelty free.

Do these bamboo interdental brushes contain palm oil?

Palm oil is among the most environmentally harmful because of how its produced. Plantations growing palm oil trees are unsustainable, which means they're bad for both humans and the environment. They also destroy indigenous habitats in order to make room for more palm trees, making way for deforestation that leaves many species at risk of extinction or displacement from their homes forever.

As advocates of environmental causes, Hydrophil products do not contain palm oil.

How do I use these?

Glide the bamboo brush gently and carefully through your interdental spaces.

Can you use toothpaste with bamboo interdental brushes?

It is recommended to use them daily without toothpaste. Plaque will appear on the bristles after use. You may easily remove it by rinsing it under running water.

You can brush your teeth normally after cleaning your interdental gaps.

Seek your dentist's advice if you're not sure how to use these brushes. Every set of teeth is unique, just as every person is unique. Dentists can provide you with personalised recommendations on cleaning your interdental areas after taking a look inside your mouth.

After 7 to 14 days, you should replace your brush.

How do I dispose of these bamboo interdental brushes?

Interdental brushes should be discarded in the residual waste bin. With a simple cut, you may detach the interdental brush which is made from BPA free nylon from the sustainable bamboo handle and discard the handle separately in the organic waste bin.

Do these work with braces?


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