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How to wash your reusable baby wipes?

If you are still not convinced about switching to washable baby wipes, learn why you should be using them instead of disposables and how to wash them properly.

how to wash your reusable baby wipes

Why Use Reusable Wipes

If you want to save money and reduce your single-use plastic waste then you should be using reusable baby wipes. While their initial cost is holding many people back, you should know that they are economical in the long term. Also, reusable baby wipes are made from natural materials like bamboo and cotton so they are good on the environment which is a great thing when you start thinking about the adverse effects of plastic waste like disposable wipes on our environment.

Aside from financial and environmental reasons, you should consider using reusable baby wipes for the sake of your babyís delicate skin. Disposables contain nasty chemicals and preservatives like parabens which is linked to skin irritation. These chemicals are too strong for your babyís skin. After all, as parents, we want only want whatís best for our babies.

In terms of convenience, disposables are better but thatís about it. Reusable baby wipes can be convenient too if you use the right container and place them somewhere accessible. Yes, itís actually convenient to use disposables when changing nappies or cleaning those grubby fingers but think about the amount of plastic waste that end up in landfills.

Cleaning your Reusable Baby Wipes

Cleaning your reusable wipes is as simple as washing them with mild detergent. However, it also depends on the material of your reusable wipes as well as what you are using them for. For example, flannel wipes must be washed with warm water to retain its softness. The ones made from cotton and bamboo can be washed like normal laundry. You can use laundry cleansers like Bambino Mio Miofresh which helps remove stains and dirt. Itís made to cleanse, sanitize and deodorize your babyís essentials and garments.

If you are using your cloth wipes on your babyís bottoms, you may want to soak them in either water or oil like lemon oil to prevent the poo from drying. After that, you can wash them like you would any laundry. If you are using them with your cloth nappies, you can wash them together per your normal washing routine.

Additional Info

Washing your reusable baby wipes is easy and simple. You donít need to worry about keeping them clean that much because it only requires a small amount of effort. This is quite helpful especially if you are still breastfeeding with your child and donít have much time to do your laundry.

Dirt like breast milk and baby poop easily dissolves in water and are not yet solid waste so you can just pop your washable wipes into your laundry machine and they are good to go. However, if you are bottle feeding your babies or they have started eating solid food, you must discard the dirt then pre-soak your wipes in water before putting them inside your washing machine.

What makes reusable wipes even better is that you can repurpose them into something else once your child no longer needs them. You can use them as washcloth for home cleaning.

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