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How to Teach Kids to Take Care of Their Farm Toys

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Playing with toys always electrifies children. It allows them not just to have fun but at the same time learn. Many experts agree that children thrive and enhance a lot of skills needed for growth and development through play. Your child most likely has so many toys that you end up with them strewn all over the floor.

Most farm toys are made from wooden materials which make them timeless pieces. Some families even consider these toys as family heirlooms that are passed from one generation to the next. They never go out of fashion and have great developmental value. They are great in developing skills such as creativity, imagination and fine-motor skills through pretend play.

As parents, itís our responsibility to teach our kids to look after their toys and clean up after playing. Teaching them to take care of their toys instills many values like responsibility, value and discipline. It also teaches them how to respect and value things that are given to them and how to treasure things to make them last. Most importantly, it promotes discipline.

Here are some tips on how to teach your child to take care of his farm toys.

Explain the importance of toys

Explaining to your children the importance of toys, or any object for that matter, can help them understand why they need to look after their toys. Regardless of their monetary value, children should know their toys are their property and should not be taken for granted.

Be a role model and set an example

Children can learn to take care of their farm toys by imitating what they see from adults. For example, when taking the toys out from their containers or boxes, make sure to remove them carefully. When playing with them, demonstrate to your child how to play with them gently. Right after playing, put them back in their storage containers so that your children can see what they need to do.

Give your child a warning

While as adults we understand that children have limited understanding about consequences of their actions, itís never okay for them to play roughly with their toys because itís an indication of a much deeper problem. Your children might also do the same thing to their other toys that are delicate and fragile which could lead to problems especially if these toys get broken into pieces and cause injuries.

Give your child a warning the instance they play harshly with their toys. Explain why itís bad and let them know what happens if they continue such an attitude. It teaches them discipline and how to follow orders.

You could also take your childrenís toys away from them for a short period of time if they get unruly with their toys. Explain to him that toys deserve respect and kindness and they can have their toys back if they promise to play with them nicely and gently.

Cleaning up

Nurseries and playrooms could get messy and disorganised after your childís play session. But this is a good teachable moment to teach your child to clean up after playing. Instruct your child to clean up after playing and put their toys back in their containers accordingly. You can also explain to them that it will be of help to you that they clean their playthings. You can even assign a cleaning schedule where your child can even learn responsibility.

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