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How to Store Wooden Toys

Unlike plastic toys, natural toys, those made from wood, are far less likely to break, go out of fashion and have longer lives. Even if they break at times, they are far easier to fix compared to plastic ones.

how to store wooden toys

Children’s tastes and preferences for toys change as they grow older. Some of them might still play with their beloved wooden toys but most of them move on to different kinds of toys that are popular for their age group. When our kids no longer play with their toys, as parents, we are tempted to just get rid of them either by donating them to charity or throwing them out straight to the bin. But with the amount of money we invested in them, it’s worth every effort in storing them properly in your attic storage or basement so that they can be passed down to future generations.

If you can’t decide on what toys you’re going to keep, think of the wooden animals, building blocks, simple cars and train sets. These toys are examples of toys that are fantastic for open-ended plays. They have a timeless appeal and don’t go out of fashion. Most of these toys are amazing early development toys that are great for learning while providing hours of fun playtime.

Storing toys can be challenging in different living conditions. If you have limited home space or you move from one home to another frequently, toy storage can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are many storage solutions available for every situation.

Keeping toys for the future generation

It’s important to know which toys go where as soon as you have already decided which toys you want to keep. Storing toys property will keep them in good condition and prevent mould growth. The last thing you want to find out later on is that the wooden blocks you kept for years are now covered in mould.

Wooden toys will definitely last longer if you store them properly. But it should be worth noting that cleaning them before setting them aside is just as important. Remove any obvious dirt from your wooden toys by brushing or wiping with a damp cloth. You could also coat them with wax or oil to preserve their appearance. However, it’s highly recommended to read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before applying anything to your wooden toys to avoid irreversible damages.

Now that your wooden toys are clean, sort the toys and store similar ones together. For example, store wooden barns together with wooden farm animals. Don’t forget to label the boxes to make sure that you won’t rummage through them if you are looking for a specific item. Once sorted, store them in plastic boxes with enough ventilation to prevent mould build up. Using either a cotton sheet and bags of silica gel also helps in absorbing moisture to keep the storage container dry.

Once these toys are stored properly, find the perfect spot for the storage containers. Ideal spots for storage boxes are those that remain dry regardless of weather conditions and out of direct sunlight. Make sure to keep them away from pests that will surely love to feed on them.

Other toys you should keep

There are other toys that you should think about keeping like Legos. Legos are loved by children, even adults. The fact that these toys are expensive to collect should make you want to keep them. They shouldn’t be hard to keep given their small size.

Don’t forget toy cars and trains. These toys are also small in size and provide entertainment when your kids go to their grandma’s house.

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