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How to store reusable baby wipes properly?

Know how to store your reusable baby wipes properly and more tips for every mum about using washable wipes.

how to store reusable baby wipes properly

Whether you’re travelling or at home, storing your reusable baby wipes properly offer many benefits. It helps lessen and avoid the fuss when those little fingers are dirty already or when your little child drops the nastiest poop.

Reusable wipes can be either wet or dry. Dry wipes are pre-folded and when used, can be placed in running water or moistened, sprayed with homemade solutions or commercial store bought solutions. Wet wipes, on the other hand, are wet or soaked wipes with solutions or water.

There are several ways to store these wipes that you can follow to make them accessible whenever you need them. The most common storage that comes to mind is wet bags. Most modern wet bags are multipurpose in that they are not only used to store nappies but other baby care essentials like nappy liners, boosters and reusable wipes as well.

There are other ways to store your reusable wipes. Check these ideas that we have compiled just for you on ways to store your wet and dry wipes.

  • Baskets. Pullout wire baskets or ethically made baskets can be used for storing dry wipes.
  • Disposable wipe box. Recycling your disposable wipe box is a win-win. You can fold your dry wipes in a particular way where they’ll just pop up. No trash, new storage.
  • Drawer. Your dry wipes can be placed inside your closet drawers, bathroom drawers or even anywhere near the sink so that when the time comes that you need them, they can be easily pulled out and used.
  • Tupperware containers. This idea is unique as it allows you to use those empty containers with lids for not just storing food but also your flannel baby wipes, bamboo wipes and organic cotton wipes. We’re pretty sure every mummy has one!

Other tips and extra information

Since you already have ideas on where to store your baby wipes, it is essential to remember to store them in areas where it is clean and free from dust and insects. If they are stored in containers, please make sure that these containers are cleaned regularly to prevent mildew, molds and bacterial growth.

When storing wet wipes, make sure that the lids are tightly closed and must be used quickly (2-3 days) so that there is no presence of mildew.

If you are using a homemade solution which has lower shelf life, make sure to use the wipes within 2-3 days. Change solutions after every 3 days since homemade solutions do not contain preservatives.

In conclusion, there are various ways to store your reusable baby wipes properly. Depending on where you are, some storage may be ideal than others. For example, when you are travelling, storage containers like wet bags are more convenient. At home, you can repurpose disposable wipe box as reusable wipes storage container. The most important thing to remember is storing your reusable wipes in places where it’s convenient, accessible and free from contamination.

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