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How to Make Playing With Farm Toys Fun

farm toys

Farm toys are good examples of classic and traditional toys. Most of these toys are handcrafted by artisans from wooden materials, making them timeless pieces that are passed on from one generation to the next. When your child grows older and no longer has the desire to play with them, they could be used as room decoratives.

Just like any other toys, farm toys have great developmental value. They spark children’s curiosity and imagination, stimulate their creativity and help them acquire and improve a wide range of skills like fine motor, visual sensory, tactile perceptions, communication and many more. They also help with a child’s emotional development.

One of the most common kinds of play children engage themselves in is role playing or pretend play. Children can make fantasy worlds filled with farm structures like barn, horse stables, farm vehicles like tractors and farm animals like cows, chickens and horses. They can act out different scenarios and weave farm life stories. By engaging in pretend play, children will be able to improve their language skills, memory, comprehension, control their emotions and learn more about themselves.

Farm toys are just irresistible for kids. They come in different sizes, shapes and some, with a whole lot of accessories incorporated.

Farm Toys To Love

There are so many farm toys to love. One highly recommended farm toy is Tender Leaf’s Noah’s Shape Sorter Ark. It comprises a massive 20-piece animal ark with a removable roof. The chunky animal pieces are so good at improving a child’s finger dexterity and promotes good hand-eye coordination.

Then, there’s the Bigjigs Farm Magnets. Aside from helping children learn about magnetism and cause/effect relationship, it also allows children to enjoy interactive play pretend and explore their communication skills further.

Ostheimer, one of the oldest European toy makers, has an amazing range of wooden farm animals and toys. There’s the Ostheimer Mouse, the Ostheimer Peacock, Ostheimer Pony and many more. It also has the Ostheimer Cottage that shelters farm animals.

These farm toys are all fun and exciting. But in order to make them ideal for children to play with, here’s some tips.

Age appropriateness

Some farm toys are age-restricted which means they are only suitable for a specific age range. For example, babies from 0-6 months can’t enjoy the benefits of farm toys. Rattles, activity cube and plush toys are ideal instead. But when they grow older and start to explore things in their surroundings, you may want to start introducing toys that they can manipulate with their hands like farm toys.

Check for sharp edges and small detachable parts

Most farm toys are made from responsibly sourced wood and are well-crafted with smooth edges and curves. However, it still pays to be cautious. Check for any rough edges and anything that can cause injuries and splinters.

Since these toys are made from wooden materials, you can easily repair them when necessary. Buffing out with sandpaper can help prevent sharp edges and repair minor stains.

Farm toys often come in small sizes and parts. These ones are what to look out for when your child is playing because it can be a potential choking hazard. Children can often get curious or may accidentally ingest their toys. Make sure to keep an eye out when your child is playing and monitor the toys as well.

Make sure to keep them clean

Toys are fun especially when they are clean. We all know how children can get them dirty at times. Dirt, dust and food debris can cling onto the surface of farm toys. Their hands can potentially transmit bacteria and germs from grubby toys. What’s worse is your child could potentially ingest these nasties which could lead to serious health problems.

Make sure to clean your child’s farm toys regularly so it becomes a routine. You can transform this into a bonding and teachable moment with your children.

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