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How to Make Homemade Baby Gifts

Buying gifts for babies could be a bit challenging and the cost could add up easily especially if you are buying multiple gifts. If you are on a tight budget, consider homemade baby gifts instead. Homemade gifts are often meaningful because it takes time and effort to make something truly amazing. Itís also a wonderful way to showcase your imagination and creativity. The best gifts are those that are practical, personalised and heartfelt.

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DIY Baby Gifts

When you already have the green signal to visit the new baby, it is truly appreciated to bring along baby gifts. Although it is never mandatory to bring one, the new parents will find it very thoughtful and heartwarming.

Baby gifts can come in many different forms. They can come in gestures such as being an extra pair of hands as a breather for the new parents. They can also be the usual gifts like toys, blankets, nappies and toiletries.

Not all DIY gift ideas are created equal. If you are not careful, you may end up with a gift that costs way more money than store-bought ones. Donít worry. We have collected a few DIY gift ideas for babies that are easy to make and budget-friendly.

Personalized Baby Care Hamper

Baby care products are always at the top of the list of new parents. Shampoos, baby wash, nappy creams, oils and baby lotions are only some of the common baby care essentials that new parents need.

In order to make the baby gift come with a more personal approach, these can be personalized in a hamper. Itís like an all-in-one baby care hamper where the essentials can be placed. A little ribbon and a note can be added to make the hamper more presentable and special.

A Bouquet of Nappies, Socks and Baby Clothing

Nappies are badly needed by new parents. The baby will need to change a few more every day and giving sets of nappies is truly heart-warming.

Instead of just handing the nappies in a store-bought paper bag, you can style it in a bouquet or a wreath. Ribbons can be added to secure and tie the nappies.

Socks are also excellent baby gifts along with bibs, muslins and clothings. Instead of styling, these can also be placed in a basket or a reusable box.

Personalized Cards

As baby gifts don't have to be stressful or obligatory, sending a personalized welcome card can be enough. Plus, it is heartfelt and cost-efficient.

Handwritten cards are even timeless. The parents can keep it too and when the baby is able to read, he/she can have a trip down memory lane.

Hand Sewn Baby Toys

Toys are ideal baby gifts. If you are into arts and crafts, sewing soft blocks, plush toys and dolls are so easy and simple. Old clothings, scraps of fabrics and felt materials can be hand sewn into toys. There are also tutorials online and on youtube that you can follow. Handmade toys are timeless and well-loved treasures.

DIY Baby Mittens

Just like handmade toys, mittens can be customized and hand sewn. Old clean fabrics and old clothes can be designed and sewn as mittens. These can help protect the little one from scratching his/her face.

Homemade Blanket

Blankets are also another wonderful baby gift. They keep the baby warm and comfortable. Instead of buying one, you can sew pieces of fabrics or create patchwork from old clothings and fabrics. As the baby grows older, the blanket can become a comfort object where he/she can still use it to find security and relieve stress and anxiety.

DIY Buntings

Baby gifts can also be in the form of decorations. Go away from plastic buntings and craft your very own cloth buntings. You can use solid colored old fabrics and join them together with yarns or elasticated fabrics. Buntings make the nursery room lively and even stylish.

Homemade Beanies

Newborns do not have the ability to maintain body temperature like adults do so it will be useful for any parent to have a beanie or hat. Stretchy fabrics can be sewn to make one and can fit any size. Plus, if you are good at knitting, you can weave one and personalize.

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