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How to Make Block Play More Fun

building blocks for kids

Building Blocks

Who says building blocks canít be used into fun and joyous play activities? Well, they can be. The fact that they are not just plain boring solid blocks, but they are super helpful in providing educational and developmental benefits for little ones.

When blocks are used for construction play, it opens up avenues for learning and skills development. These wonderful toys are great if you want your child to develop a wide range of skills such as problem-solving skills, patience, self-esteem, social skills and many more.

Building blocks are also ideal for children to improve their cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are assimilated to critical thinking, memory retention and analysis. It doesnít stop there because thereís a whole lot of benefits stored for your little tots.

However, instead of sticking to simple stacking and construction of unique structures, building blocks can be incorporated and used to make learning fun and enjoyable because they are such flexible and versatile toys. So how can you transform boring block play into something more fun and entertaining?

Build the Highest Tower using Building Blocks

Building blocks are intended to be stacked on top of each other. But in order to make it more fun and enjoyable for children to play with, you can let the kids build the highest tower and keep it standing for as long as it could. Letís see who can keep the tower steady!

Velcro Building Blocks

Attaching velcro to building blocks is also a wonderful idea in making them more fun to play with. You can attach velcro onto your wooden building blocks by using hot glue or residue-free tapes. With velcros in place, unique and creative structures can be made. Children can follow pictures from books and use velcro blocks to make one. Get ready for gravity-defying results!

Incorporate Mathematical Equations

Subtraction, addition, division and multiplication can be taught in a simple way, through building blocks. Incorporate these four basic arithmetic operations by allowing kids to subtract a block or add a block. You can add simple math challenges for children to solve as well.

Memory Building Blocks

Improve the childís memory by using building blocks as a memory game. Pictures can be added on the blocks and can be placed upside down in order for the child to guess and pair the right blocks.

Spelling Blocks

Although there are Alphabet Blocks, you can simply transform plain building blocks into Alphabet Blocks too. These blocks can then be used for a spelling game. Or for a twist, fill in the missing letter in order to complete the word.

Maze Blocks

Building blocks can be stacked together in big groups, small groups or lines and used to make a big maze or small maze. This is great for physical skills development where fine-motor and gross motor skills can be developed, improved and enhanced.

Turn Building Blocks into Musical Blocks

Building blocks come in different sizes and shapes. This can be a great idea to make it into musical blocks. Children can include siblings and other playmates so one can tap, the other can rub against each other or any way where a sound can emit from the blocks.

Dice Building Blocks

Before making the building blocks into something wonderful, you can make a couple of blocks and transform it into big or small dice. Moreso, children can create a game out of the blocks and roll the dice before making a move.

Measuring with Building Blocks

You can turn wooden blocks into measuring tools to make your childís play session more engaging and educational. Measure the size of each otherís foot or height and determine how many blocks will be used. This is great to test critical thinking skills, communication and problem-solving skills.

These are only a few ideas on how to turn a boring block play into something more fun and engaging. Check online forums and groups dedicated to parenting and kidsí toys for more creative and imaginative ideas.

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