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How to make an ecofriendly Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box

Handing out boxes on Christmas Eve is more popular than you think it is. It has become a modern tradition enjoyed by millions of families worldwide. Itís a lovely way to package up presents that would be handed on the eve of Christmas.

christmas eve box

If you havenít come across Christmas Eve box, this is basically a box of goodies that are handed out on Christmas Eve to add excitement. This tradition have only appeared in the last few years. Parents adopted this tradition as a way to add more excitement and keep the kids in a celebratory mood for Christmas.

So how do you make a Christmas Eve box and where do you usually start?

Making your first Christmas Eve Box

The first thing to do is to buy or make a box. Depending on your budget, buying is easy but there are loads of options that are available. Some are even plastic-free. By far, the most popular choice is a simple wooden box or a crate. You can have them presented plain with a Christmas message or add a few designs to personalize it.

Making the box is the other option as any number of things can be repurposed. For example, you can use a shoebox as starting point as it comes with a cover already. You can embellish it with ribbons and corsages. There are other options too like a pillowcase, a basket or a gift bag.

Spending heaps of money is not an option but if you really want to buy something, make sure it is worth choosing than something that you can put away and can be used again for many years to come.

Take note also that if you are going to make one for someone other than an immediate family, you should not invest too much time or money on the box itself. You can still give a nice present in a Christmas paper bag.

Filling Your Christmas Eve Box

Now that you have your Christmas Eve box, you may want to fill it with something that the recipient of the gift will appreciate and love. Because more than anything, whatís inside is all that matters and filling it with nice things is a great idea. Taking it to the next level by keeping it plastic-free will be great for the environment. Fill it with stuff such as a Christmas book or puzzle. You could also add a hot chocolate or something that the recipient will use everyday like a reusable coffee cup.

For adult recipients, slippers, cozy socks, scarves or knitted sweaters can be perfect. Filling it up with a nice bottle of wine with a glass or a Christmas candle are excellent choice s too. The idea is not to stress about it but to fill it with things that will make your Christmas Eve happy and great. Whatís inside the box can add a bit of extra magic.

Kids can also have enough sweet treats already so why not mix things up a bit and have them make a Christmas Eve box for someone else? This is a fantastic idea but whatís even nicer and special is to deliver a care package to someone on Christmas Eve.

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