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How To Clean Wooden Toys Properly

Toys made from wooden are some of the best early developmental toys on the market. They are great in stimulating your childrenís imagination and developing essential skills they may need when they grow up. Some wooden toys are so well-made that they last from one generation to the next. For these reasons, you may want to care for them and clean them properly.

how to clean wooden toys properly

Keeping toys clean is important for them to last longer and if you donít want your child putting dirty wooden toys in their mouths. Unlike plastic toys, you can't just toss these toys into your dishwasher. Donít worry though. Cleaning wooden toys is really easy and for the most part, straightforward and simple.


Thereís absolutely no need to use harsh chemicals in cleaning wooden toys. Due to their natural antibacterial properties, they are less likely to harbor germs and bacteria compared to plastic toys. Using natural cleaning solution like diluted vinegar is not only ideal but highly recommended. Vinegar is commonly used to disinfect and remove stains. You may want to add a few drops of essential oils like tea tree or lime to your diluted vinegar to somehow neutralise itís strong smell. If you do not want to use vinegar, you can use organic dish soap and any commercially sold natural cleaning solutions.

Soaking wooden toys in water does more harm than good because naturally wood is porous. You donít want to end up with a deformed and swollen toys. Using a brush to remove any obvious dirt is an excellent idea to prevent you from spreading them or rubbing the dirt in. Spray your wooden toys with the right amount of cleaning solution and wipe them with a clean damp cloth.

Thereafter, either air dry or sun dry them to complete remove any dirt. Sunlight is excellent in speeding the drying process. It also kills germs and mould naturally. But keep in mind that too much exposure to sunlight can fade colors and might cause cracking so make sure to not leave your wooden toys in direct sunlight for too long.

Additional care tips

Moisturizing isnít just for the skin but also for products made of wood. This will preserve them and keep them looking their best. Depending on the wooden material, you may use edible oils such as olive oil or beeswax. Itís always recommended to refer to the manufacturerís cleaning instructions.

Maintaining and fixing broken wooden toys are far more easier than with plastic toys. Repainting or varnishing your faded wooden toys can help restore them to their original look. You can also sand down any area that starts chipping in.

While most stains can be removed fairly easily, a more concentrated vinegar solution is required to clean wooden toys that got really grubby. For hard to remove stains, you may want to use sandpaper. You may want to repaint them afterwards.

Itís only normal for wooden toys to get a few marks and stains and actually, these give toys more character.

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