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How to Choose the Right Baby Carrier


When babies come out into the world, the event can be best described as magical. Emotions can go high and overwhelming. New parents may not come as fully prepared as they ought to be. Needless to say, the journey to parenthood is full of ups and downs.

Thankfully, you are not alone and you can get all the support system that you need. Considering there are tons of online groups and forums where you can get plenty of information and advice, you may have come across baby essentials that you will need. These include buying the right newborn carrier.

Baby carriers are worn essential gears that can come in many types but each of these supports an infant and enables every parent to carry their babies around whilst performing many tasks and chores.Yet, with all the brands around, how do you choose the right baby carrier?

Firstly, before a baby carrier is manufactured, it must pass certain safety criteria from organizations. The right baby carrier enables you to adapt to your lifestyle and allows you to work, move and perform. But you must also take into consideration these 3 factors:

Design of Baby Carrier

Since there are many carriers around, it is hard to choose what is right for you. But you can always go for the design. If the baby carrier is hip-friendly, can support an M position that will promote a healthy development and has more carrying position that better to make the baby and the parents comfortable, then it is the right carrier.

Hip-friendly carriers allow babies to move freely that will not interfere with the positioning of a healthy hip. Moreso, a right carrier enables babyís legs to position properly for a healthy development of the hip.

If the carrier can accommodate multiple carrying positions, it is the right baby carrier for you. Babies and the parents must be comfortable enough to carry the babyís weight with ease. Longer standing position and longer walks can be troublesome if carrying a baby, make sure that the carrier can support plenty of positions.

Furthermore, choose a structured carrier that can be used from birth.This makes it more efficient in the longer run. Does it have adjustable straps? Can it be adjusted? These questions should be asked.

Another thing that you have to consider with the design is if it will fully support the baby's head and neck. Babies are delicate and you may want to ensure a clear airway for newborns by having their head tipped up.

Lastly, with the design in mind, make sure to look for safety features, the material compositions and the appearance. There are several baby carriers that need an infant insert or may not be ideal to use for summer times.

Type of Baby Carrier

Another factor that needs to be considered when choosing the right baby carrier is what type of carrier would you prefer. There are 5 categories: Sling, Wrap, Mei-Tai, Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) and Backpack. The type of carrier would matter in choosing the right ones for you since you would want to use it for special reasons.

Budget for Baby Carriers

The last factor is the budget. To be honest there is no need to spend more on baby carriers. You can always consider budget over other factors since the baby is fast growing. Most baby carriers are oftentimes handed down to family members or donated to charity shops.

There is also no harm in buying ones from charity shops since you can still score a great baby carrier for a significantly lower price.

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