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How to Choose the Best Toy Kitchen

wooden toy kitchen

There are so many things to consider before buying your budding chef a toy kitchen that she can use to train her cooking skills. Actually, choosing the best toy kitchen can be as tricky as an actual kitchen for your home. With so many toy kitchens to choose from, which one is the best? The best play kitchen depends on lots of factors and varies from what your child is interested in. Before you embark on the search, here are a few questions to ask:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Toy Kitchen

  • Budget: How much budget should be spent? Before you start your search, think about how much you would want to spend on the toy kitchen and a few accessories. Prices of toy kitchen range from less than Ä20 and over Ä100 if you buy a second hand.
  • Space: Is the space inside your home enough? Toy kitchens are huge and can come as super compact tabletop versions so if you want to start looking for the best one, think about the space where you plan to keep it and measure the space so you can decide what dimension you will be looking for.
  • Material: If we were asked to choose between wood and plastic, we would definitely choose wood. A wooden toy kitchen is so adorable as they are environment-friendly and tend to look nicer. They are also made from higher quality materials and are easier to fix when broken. Plastic toy kitchens, on the other hand, are lighter and can be used outside for water play provided that they do not have batteries or electrics.
  • The age of your child: Every toy kitchen has a recommended age. Youíll notice that those for younger children have lower counter height. This may allow an older child to quickly grow out of it. Furthermore, toy kitchens with detachable parts are considered choking hazards so always check for any label warnings.

Choosing the best toy Kitchen

With all the questions answered and once you know where you are going to put the thing, itís now time to start browsing. By now, you have already decided between a wooden toy kitchen and a plastic toy kitchen. It is also worth considering the accessories you need as well when budget is also considered. Even though these accessories are totally optional and you can buy them later if youíre on a tight budget, buying a few of them would allow your child to start playing right away.

Also, always check the description on the box to see whatís inside. Some toy kitchens come with accessories like pans and utensils whilst others do not. Furthermore, toy kitchens donít come with much in the way of play food. You might want to allocate this in your budget.

One of the most popular toy kitchens is from Tidlo. This is the Tidlo Country Kitchen which is made from high quality materials and comes with a few kitchen accessories. It has everything that ensures your little one can have hours of fun and imaginative pretend play. It also has clicking dials that kids would love and a removable plastic sink bowl, utensils, and salt and pepper shaker.

The best compact toy kitchen

We love the Tender Leaf Toys pop up kitchen if space is an issue. This toy kitchen packs away neatly for storage and has features that are found in larger kitchen toys. It is also lightweight that kids can carry them around. Itís got everything your kid needs to get started such as cooking from day one with the fried egg and many more.

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