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How to Apply Nappy Rash Cream Perfectly

nappy rash cream

There are plenty of ways in which you can prevent diaper rash. Over the counter nappy rash cream can be bought or you can go naturally by changing your baby’s wet nappy as soon as possible. You can also use warm water to rinse baby’s bum instead of using wipes. Moreso, a mild soap can be used to wash in order to prevent harmful chemicals from coming in contact with the skin.

Nappy rash cream can create a barrier, especially if it is formulated with zinc oxide, that wicks away moisture. It is only used thinly and when the baby has a rash. Over usage can also make things worse. Ultimately, not all the times when changing nappies, you also need to apply rash cream.

Going nappy-free is also an ideal solution in preventing nappy rash. Baby’s skin must be allowed to breathe from time to time. There are notable signs in which a rash can start to develop, this is the only time you might need a nappy rash cream. Yet, in some cases where a mild rash can occur, no need to apply a cream since it can disappear in 2-3 days.

As mentioned, use only when you see the signs and symptoms. These can include red spots, dry and moist skin. But how do you properly apply a nappy rash cream?

Prepare all changing supplies like soothing creams

The first step is to have all your changing supplies beside you. SInce it is recommended to change your baby’s nappy every 2 hrs or after the baby has pooped, all supplies must come handy and available.

The list must include a changing mat, a clean nappy, nappy rash cream, washcloths, basin with warm water or chemical-free baby wipes. Wet bags must also be present to contain soiled nappy. A nappy rash cream, again is only needed if your baby has a rash or suffers diarrhea.

The diaper change

Now that you have all the stash needed for changing your baby’s soiled nappy, place the changing mat on the surface of the table or on the floor. Do not leave the child unattended especially on higher surfaces.You do not want your baby to fall, afterall.

Next is to remove the clothing and the soiled nappy. Make sure to prevent the soiled nappy from coming into contact with the baby’s skin. Clean and wash the baby using warm water, mild soap or wipe the baby with the chemical-free baby wipes.

After washing, make sure to pat dry the baby. Remember that moisture is a factor that helps develop nappy rash. Use a clean cloth that has a soft and comfy feeling. Do not put a diaper already but instead have a nappy-free moment for a couple of minutes.

Once the baby’s bum is dry, put the diaper beneath the baby by sliding it below. Get your nappy rash cream and apply a thin layer over the area where the rash is and the surrounding area. Since babies have delicate skin, do not rub the skin. It can only add discomfort and pain at the same time.

Once done, fasten the nappy and put on new and clean clothes. Remove the soiled supplies and wash hands. Usually, a nappy rash can disappear within 3 days. If the rash and irritation worsens or never disappears, consult your GP.

Furthermore, you can also follow the instructions on the packaging of your nappy rash cream.

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