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How Space Toys Help Your Childs Early Development


There is a wide selection of space toys to choose from at toy stores and online shops. You can choose among rockets, space shuttles, robots, space station, astronauts and many more. Some of these toys can be custom made and most of them are readily available for purchase.

Generally, toys are beneficial to every child’s development. Children learn a lot of things and develop skills through play. Learning through fun and creative play time helps build character and brain development.

Importance of Childhood Development

Parents must invest in venues and things that will help in their child’s development, be it physically, mentally and emotionally. Your child’s overall development in these different aspects can affect what kind of person they become as they grow older.

Children’s social and emotional health are also affected in early childhood development. According to the Unicef’s website, early childhood development is a period of great opportunity yet a vulnerable one to negative influences.

Children that do not receive enough support and assistance during their early years are more likely to perform poorly in school and would become less productive when they grow as adults.

Furthermore, the overall well being of a child is directly affected if parents do not focus and provide enough tools to engage their children in activities that help them improve during the early stages of their development.

Skills Development Through Playing

Space toys are just examples of toys that have a multitude of benefits for children’s growth and development. Here are some of the benefits of playing with space toys:

Creativity and Imagination - Through a series of open-ended play, children use their imagination and creativity which can result in improved brain functions and could inspire wonderful ideas.

Creative Speech - As a child engages his robot or space station, he uses language to express his thoughts and narrates creative speech in crafting situations and improvising stories for his play.

Social Interactions - Children can benefit much through playing in groups and interacting with others. Social activities such as these help them socialize and build camaraderie.

Problem-solving Skills - Through manipulating space stations or enabling little astronauts to ride the space shuttle, children learn to formulate and test their ideas which helps in the development of their problem solving skills.

Sensory Development - Different senses such as visual and tactile sensory are used when playing. When used, the child interacts well with his surroundings and experiences new awareness.

Hand-eye coordination - Children develop their hand-eye coordination by manipulating their space toys. This also helps develop dexterity and fine motor skills.

Independence and Self-confidence - Most children play with a few goals in their mind. They might want to build something grand like a space station or land their space shuttle in their make-believe planets. Whatever it is, these kinds of activities help boost their self-confidence and independence, especially if the activity requires no involvement from others.

Cognitive Development - As children play with their space toys, they develop certain skills such as attention, memory and thinking.

Gross-motor skills - Not only does the children use their space toys in a sitting position but also when they are standing and even using them while running around the house pretending to be superheroes saving their astronauts from crashing or use these toys in other muscle related activities.

Space toys are great examples of early development resources that have a huge impact on the development of a child. It is through play that children can acquire skills and develop the right attitude they need to perform as adults when they grow older.

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