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How Often Should You Wash Your Reusable Face Mask?

reusable face mask

Reusable Face Masks

Generally, washing reusable face masks regularly help keep them in good condition and how often you should wash them depends on where you look. Many studies have shown that the virus can survive and stay active on the fabric of some face masks for long periods when the masks were exposed to someone or something that has the virus. Washing reusable face masks after each use is highly recommended. Disposable face masks can only be used once so they need to be disposed of properly after just one use. .

Many people have chosen to wear reusable face masks because these masks are washable, economical and dramatically reduce wastes. Wearing a face mask or any face coverings that cover the nose and mouth is required in most public places. For busy people who make a lot of trips to public places where wearing a face mask is required, disposable masks are definitely not ideal.

Things to consider when buying a reusable face mask

If you have decided to wear reusable face masks, make sure to buy two. Doing so allows you to wear one reusable face mask while the other is in the wash. However, if you are one of those people who want to make sure that you have a face mask to wear, then by all means by more than two reusable face masks. This is a good option especially for people with busy schedules and could not wash their face masks every after use.

Most manufacturers of reusable face masks recommend washing the face masks every after use. Some people are so busy that they forget to wash their reusable face masks. If you are one of these people, you can get around this by making sure you put your face mask in the laundry at night especially if you have been using it multiple times during the day.

Take extra caution if you think your face mask has been contaminated. For instance, if someone coughs near you in a public place like a shop or on public transport. Find a place where you can take off your mask safely like a restroom then take your mask off carefully and put it in a sealed bag. This is the reason why we recommend taking a sealed bag and extra face mask with you when you are out and about. Wash your reusable face mask as soon as you arrive home. Do not use your contaminated face mask until you have washed it first.

How to wash your reusable face mask

Before washing your reusable face mask, make sure to check the manufacturer’s care instructions. Most reusable face masks can be washed in the washing machine. You can wash your reusable face masks with your clothes. However, you should consider using unscented detergent because you may find the fragrance of scented detergent too intense when you wear your face mask.

One good tip is to use the hottest water setting recommended for washing your reusable face masks. In doing so will kill germs, bacteria and viruses that could be present on your face masks.

Alternatively, you can simply hand wash your masks if that is what you prefer or if you do not own a washing machine. Fill a wash basin with water, detergent and a few drops of bleach solution. Make sure that the detergent and bleach solution are both suitable for the fabric or material of your reusable face mask. Soak for at least 5 minutes then wash, rinse and dry your face mask.

Dry your face mask in a tumble dryer if you own one. Set your tumble dryer in the hottest setting to make sure all germs, bacteria and viruses are killed. Sun drying is a good alternative for drying your newly washed face mask. Make sure that your face mask is totally dry before wearing it.

Some reusable face masks feature removable filters. You need to remove these filters or filter inserts from the face masks before washing them. Replace the filter insert of your face mask before using it.

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