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How Much Should I Spend on Baby Gifts?

Babies have a lot of needs which makes it especially difficult to gauge how much you should be spending on newborn gifts. Bringing gifts when visiting a newborn is one of the most common gestures of welcoming the baby to this world. It makes the event a memorable one and somehow helps new parents prepare for their new journey to parenthood.

baby gifts

Baby Gifts

Unique baby gifts can range from gift baskets to more personalised ones but there are several factors you need to consider before you make your purchase like budget. How much money youíre willing to spend on gifts depends on what you are going for and your relationship with the babyís parents. For example, you might spend more money for a family memberís baby than you would for an officemate or acquaintance.

However, some may consider spending higher amounts for their friends. This again depends on how close they are with each other. In short, if you want to know how much you should spend on baby gifts, here is what you need to know: The budget depends on who you give it to and how close you are with the recipient.

Example, if the expectant mother is your friend, some people usually spend between Ä25 to Ä50. This budget usually accommodates a gift basket which is filled with diapering essentials or a set of baby toiletries which could be extremely useful for parents and baby.

Next, if the member of the family is the expectant, a higher amount is usually spent because she is a part of the family. Gifts may include cribs, strollers, carriers or things that are of higher price tag. Since you have a close relationship with the recipient, you probably know what they need and want.

However, if you are saving and are on a tight budget, of course you have to reconsider buying expensive gifts and opt for ones that are more affordable. You should not feel any pressure at all because the recipient would most definitely understand your current financial situation. The mere gesture of gift-giving is far more valuable than how much money was spent on it. Expectant parents, in this matter, count thoughtfulness over the amount spent and the cost of the gift.

Some people often feel obliged to give gifts on a particular amount because others have also spent the amount. This is what we call the pressure. To be honest, there is no need to give in to pressure. You can actually give a baby gift depending on what you can afford.

Even if itís for your sister-in-law, if you are comfortable with a lower budget, so be it. Itís the thought that counts right? But then again, itís always a case to case basis. Always consider where you are financially and spend your money wisely especially on gifts. Some people may feel really need to spend higher amounts in order to serve as help for the parents. After all, the parenthood journey is a long way.

In this case, opt for unique gifts such as books, wooden toys, and frames or go for personalized ones such as gift baskets full of toiletries or sensory toys. Remember to buy something that the parents and the child can really use and something that will last for years.

No matter the budget and relationship, the support and thoughtfulness of gifts show your affection and how much you care for both parents and baby. However, being generous and using that generosity in investing durable and useful baby gifts can make up so much of the actual amount that is spent.

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