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How many reusable baby wipes do you need?

The transition from disposables to cloth wipes is filled with questions. Find out how many reusable baby wipes do you really need.

how many reusable baby wipes do you need

So you have decided to use reusable baby wipes instead of disposables, you might be asking yourself how many baby wipes do you really need. With disposables, you donít really count how many wipes you need. You just pull them out from their container and discard them after use. If you run out of disposables, you can just buy another pack and go about your day. But itís different with reusable baby wipes. You need to know how many you need for thorough cleaning of your babyís bottoms. This might sound discouraging but with proper planning, reusable baby wipes could be as good as disposables, and in most cases, even better.

Here are some tips that will help and prep you on this journey. The transition might be filled with many uncertainties which includes more laundry to do, using washable and reusable baby wipes have many benefits for your baby.

Benefits of Using Reusable Baby Wipes

Reusable wipes are perfect for your babyís sensitive skin. Unlike disposables, they do not contain any nasty chemicals like parabens that are considered skin irritants. Most of the skin problems such as eczema and rashes are caused by these preservatives. They are made from natural materials like cotton and bamboo which are not only good on the environment but on your babyís bottoms as well.

You also save money in the long term just by switching to reusable baby wipes. They are washable and can be reused over again while disposables are continuing costs. Since they could last for many years, imagine your long term savings by not having to buy wipes constantly.

Then thereís the environmental impact. Disposable wipes are entirely made from plastic materials and its derivatives and they are the kind of plastics that are not recyclable which resulted in them piling up in our landfills and oceans. Reusable baby wipes on the other hand are made from natural ingredients which are mostly biodegradable. You could also repurpose them for other uses like as tabletop washcloth.

Newborn and Toddler Stage

The times where you need to consider how many reusable baby wipes you need can be divided into 2 stages; Newborn stage and Toddler stage.

The newborn stage is when countless times of changing nappies happen. Most babies pee and poop after every feeding or for at least 5-6 times a day. This could mean you would need more wipes. Depending on whether youíre using cloth wipes partial or full time, you may need anywhere between 20-40 wipes. You could also start with less and if you think itís not enough you could add more later. Donít forget that not all babies are the same. It is best to be more wipes than settling for less.

The second stage is the Toddler Stage. This stage is where your baby may learn to potty train already or even ask you to have their grubby fingers washed. At this stage, you will only need fewer wipes. We recommend between 20-25 wipes. With proper washing and care, you could use these wipes to clean dirt around their faces, hands and even their toys or mopping up spills from their drinks and food.

Later Stage

What happens to your reusable baby wipes now that your child no longer needs them? You can repurpose your reusable wipes into washcloths. You could use them to wipe tabletops, floor spills, leather sofa and even remove stains from furniture.

You could use them yourself as well. After your morning run or exercise, you could use them to wipe off sweat or clean your shoes and trainers.

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