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How Long Do Reusable Face Masks Last?

reusable face mask

There are many factors that affect how long a reusable face mask will last. These factors include the materials used in making the reusable face mask, how often you use it and how you look after it. However, most masks will last as indicated by the manufacturer as long as you care for it properly.

The components and materials of a reusable mask play an important role on how long it will last. For instance, some reusable masks are infused with various antiviral compounds which would eventually wear off after certain washes. In short, some components of reusable masks make it reusable only for a certain number of washing before the fabric and these components start to lose their integrity rendering the face masks unusable.

How often you use the reusable mask also affects how long it will last. Oil, sweat and dirt would eventually build up in the mask which means you will have to wash it more often than you should. However, some masks featuring multi-layers high quality materials and fabrics often last longer than regular reusable face masks and will last much longer if you only wear one once a week.

Looking after your reusable face mask

Many people choose to buy reusable masks because they are more economical than buying masks everytime you go outside. But these masks will not last long if you neglect them. Looking after your reusable masks regularly and properly will keep them in good condition for longer which means you only need to replace them less often.

Where you store your mask is also important in making it last longer. If you are not using it, make sure to store it in a cool dry place. You do not want to store your reusable face mask in a wet and moist environment where mould and mildew could grow on your mask. Additionally, you want to store your face mask in a well-ventilated environment.

During the day or when you are not wearing your reusable face mask, place it in a small wash bag to keep it from collecting dirt and grime or prevent it from transferring potential germs and bacteria to the rest of your belongings. Doing so, also keeps your mask from being snagged by things in your bag which could puncture some holes in your mask. A mask with holes in it is just as bad as wearing no mask at all. Be extra careful on how you store your mask and where you keep it. It is highly recommended to store your mask in a washable bag so that you can clean both of them together. Another useful tip is to fold your mask to protect the inner surface from being exposed to other things.

When should you replace your reusable face mask

Generally, you want to replace the reusable mask as soon as it has lost its integrity or its ability to protect you. Most manufacturers include expiration dates of their products so make sure to look out for this information on the packaging of your reusable face mask.

Frequent use and washing of the mask can speed up the process of which the mask starts to fall apart. Replace your mask as soon as it starts to fray or break up and there are holes present in the mask. Do not wear a mask that has holes in it because you would just be compromising yourself and t those around you. Always check for damage on your mask every after use to make sure that it is protecting you.

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