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How Long Do Menstrual Cups Last?

how -long-do-menstrual-cups-last

Menstrual cups are designed to last for many years with some brands claiming their product can last for 10 years. In fact, if you do an online search, there are retailers that states they are good for 3-4 years, some even suggest that you should replace them biannually. Whether thereís truth to these statements, one thing is certain. If you take good care of your menstrual cup, it could serve you for many years which can result in significant long term savings.

However, these reviews and recommendations can or canít be followed. It is because companies, brands and manufacturers are all not the same when it comes to the materials used in the making of menstrual cups. Some use silicone while others use rubber latex. The materials of the menstrual cup often play an important role on how long a product lasts.

Choosing the right menstrual cup for you is just as important as knowing the products durability. With improper size and insertion, you may risk irritation and injury to your sensitive area. But getting the right cup is never easy, so you have to be open to the idea of testing as many cups until you find the right one for you. Of course, this may be expensive to some people because some brands carry a hefty price tag but if you think about the benefits of using reusable cups, the initial investment to own one may not be as bad as you think.

Replacing your cup on a regular basis depends on your personal preference. You can replace them as often as you can, if the cost is not a concern. Itís important to take note of the manufacturer and follow their care instructions.

Ultimately, in order to keep your cup reusable and functional for years, you would need to keep it in tip top shape. Care instructions vary among manufacturers so it is best to stick with what your brand says.

Here are some of the most common care instructions on how to maintain and take care of your menstrual cup:

Proper Washing and Sterilisation

Chemicals should never be used in cleaning your menstrual cup because they can cause damage or most of them are corrosive. Wash only using mild cleanser or water-based soap. Usually, using warm water is enough to clean your cup but most manufacturers suggest using soap. Moreso, the bottom rim of your cup can be cleaned using a toothpick. You may want to poke the debris, if necessary.

Generally, simple washing and cleaning your reusable menstrual cup does not remove any bacteria. Thatís the reason why you need to sterilise your cup occasionally. But be very careful. Refer to the cupís manufacturer and confirm if they allow sterilisation.

Ideally, you can boil your menstrual cup in a pot for 5-10 minutes, some brands recommend no longer than 7 minutes. Do not let your cup touch the base of the pot as this might cause damage. You may want to use your sterilising tablet if you own one.

Proper Storage

Never store your menstrual cup inside an airtight container. They need air to dry and prevent moisture build up. Moisture encourages mould and mildew growth. They cause discoloration or produce unpleasant odor and if this happens, your cup needs replacing. So itís best to store in cotton bags. If you donít already own one, consider buying it for your cup.

In conclusion, there are so many factors that affect the durability of menstrual cups like proper care, materials and many more. Most online stores have review sections where you can read reviews from other customers to give you an idea of what you are buying so itís best to take the time to read them.

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