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How Long Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Last

how long do himalayan salt lamps last

How long does a Himalayan lamp last depends on a lot of factors. The salt itself has been around for millions of years which only tells you that barring any breakage or damage and with proper care, your salt lamp could last for many years.

Since salt lamps are heavy, it is important to place them in smooth surface able to support its weight. Place them out of the reach of children and pets because they may cause serious injuries if they happen to fall and land on someone.

These lamps are known for their night glow and potential air purification which made them popular as nightlights for children. If you plan on getting one for your kid, make sure to keep them low to the ground but out of their reach.

When you notice droplets of water appearing on your Himalayan salt lamp like its sweating, donít be alarmed. This is natural because salt attracts water and creates moisture. Simply turn your lamp on to get rid of the patches of wetness. You may also use a dry cloth to wipe any small droplets of water. Salt dissolves in water so never attempt to submerge your lamp. Tossing it inside your dishwasher is also not recommended.

The salt lamp will not reduce in size as heat causes the water to evaporate leaving the salt behind. But if you continually mop up salty water, this might have an effect over time. This might happen if you donít turn your lamp on long enough for any wetness to evaporate or youíre using an LED bulb. Humidity can also cause your lamp to sweat as well as cold weather like winter season.

When buying a new salt lamp, test it first to make sure you didnít get a defective product. On first use, leave your lamp on 24/7 to avoid moisture buildup.

Other components of Himalayan Salt Lamp

While the salt part of your lamp could last you for many years, the same could not be said about the other components of your lamp especially the electronic ones. You may need to replace them occasionally which is only normal due to wear and tear.

While itís totally normal for your lamp to sweat from time to time, itís important to keep electrical components dry to avoid irreparable damage to your lamp though you can easily replace them. However, if the accumulation of wetness is so bad, do not turn your lamp on. Contact a professional repairman before doing anything to your lamp.

You may eventually need to replace the bulb of your lamp but choosing the right bulb can save you money in the long run because with the right bulb you will not need to replace it as often as you would with the wrong one. Generally, salt lamps are designed to be turned on for long periods of time without you worrying about the electric bill. However, maintenance cost such as bulb replacements can add up overtime.

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