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How Long Can a Travel Mug Keep Your Coffee Hot

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The most convenient way to keep your coffee hot for long periods of hours is by using a well-insulated travel mug. Whether youíre commuting for work or just want to enjoy some coffee while you commune with nature, a washable travel mug will let you enjoy your dose of coffee in your preferred temperature.

Not all travel mugs are created equal. A travel mugís ability to retain the temperature of its content depends entirely on its material and build quality. Some travel mugs can keep beverages hot longer than others. For instance, a stainless steel travel mug with double wall insulation does a better job at temperature retention than a travel mug made out of glass. Thatís not to say you shouldnít buy a glass travel mug but if you are looking for a travel mug that allows you to relish a hot cup of coffee, then we highly recommended getting one of those stainless steel travel mugs.

Stainless steel has been proven effective at retaining the temperature of liquids for hours because it does not easily conduct heat which results in increased insulation. However, you should keep in mind that the travel mugs with better heat retention often donít come cheap and their innovative features are often reflected on their price tag. For example, Klean Kanteenís Vacuum Insulated Tumbler which is made from stainless steel and costs Ä29, could keep your beverage hot for 6 hours whereas plastic mugs which cost between Ä2-Ä5 could only keep beverage hot for an hour or two. You get what you pay for with regard to the productís overall build quality, technology and materials.

With innovation and advancement of technology, most travel mugs that are made from stainless steel feature double wall vacuum insulation. These travel mugs have an additional layer for insulation for better heat retention and an air-tight enclosure which prevents heat from escaping. An added bonus feature is that you can easily fit these travel mugs into your carís cup holder.

Another popular material used in making reusable cups is glass. While not as good as stainless steel travel mugs at retaining beverage temperature, they travel mugs made from glass could keep your beverage hot for about 2-3 hours which is really not that bad. They often come with cork or silicone sleeves to help with heat retention and allows you to hold the cup even if the contents are hot. They are perfect for driving and commuting and designed to fit most cup holders. Additionally, they are easy to clean.

Choosing a reusable travel mug should depend on your needs. If you only need to use it occasionally, then a cheaper option would be ideal for you. However, if you are someone who hates reheating coffee and commutes every day to work, then the more expensive ones might fit your needs. Always keep in mind that travel mugs with better heat retention are expensive. But even if the initial investment is high, itís totally worth it because they are far better than disposable cups. They are good for you, the environment and offer a better drinking experience.

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