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How Good Are Baby Slings?

baby sling

Baby Slings

Babywearing has become popular in recent years thanks to the benefits it provides to both mum and baby. There are many types of the baby carrier but the most simple and probably the most common is the baby sling. A baby sling is a type of baby carrier that is designed to safely carry or wear a baby in multiple carrying positions like front, hip and back. Traditionally, it only includes a piece of stretchable fabric that is worn across the body but modern iterations added a few features for convenience like rings and velcro.

If you are a parent and want to start carrying your baby in a sling, there are few things you need to know and consider. While baby slings offer many advantages and pros, they also come with a few cons.

Letís dive in and know what the pros and cons are of using baby slings for babywearing.


Baby slings soothe and calm a baby. We all know that babies can be fussy at times. Whether you are not sure if they are hungry or what, one of the best ways to calm them down is to cuddle them. Babies want the warmth of your body because they feel safe and secure.

Baby slings allow you to move freely and do more work. Having a baby can consume all of your time because you have to closely monitor him/her. Chances are dinnerís gone cold or there are more chores in the house that are left undone. But with baby slings, you can perform several tasks whilst the baby is being carried. Looks like a recovery yoga or exercise sounds fun today!

Baby slings allow every mother to breastfeed anywhere, anytime. Since you can carry your infant around, anywhere can be a place to nurse a hungry bubba. With baby slings, the tail can also be used as a coverage for a more discreet breastfeeding session.

Baby slings do not take up so much space. Baby slings can be folded and placed inside your diaper bag or backpacks. Theyíre unlike prams that you have to carry around with you when the baby wants to be cuddled and can take a lot of space inside your car.

Baby slings help babies grow healthier and happier. Babywearing may actually do more than just swaddling your baby. Babywearing makes the baby happy and even helps in a babyís emotional, intellectual and physical growth developments. Also, babies with reflux and colic can recover quickly.

Baby slings allow you to travel. Since you can carry your baby around anywhere, traveling, hiking and any outdoor activity is less of a problem.

Unfortunately, baby slings may not be a good option for some. Hereís why:


Baby slings can be a handful at times. Although baby slings are convenient, they can be a handful at times especially when you got your hands full of bags of groceries or other bags such as luggage. But donít you think an added weight can help you lose weight?

Baby slings sometimes can be hard to master. Although there are plenty of tutorials online which can help you wear your baby slings properly, mastery can be difficult to memorize and can be tricky at times.

Baby slings can only accommodate one baby. Uh-oh! Baby slings can only accommodate one baby. But if you got a twin letís say, you might need to check on other stores that have slings great for carrying twins. Plus, some online tutorials can help you tie those fabrics to baby wear twins.

Baby slings can post a threat to safety. Ideally, carrying a baby using a baby carrier is safe as long as it is properly done. Yet, some instances and circumstances can be inevitable such as slipping, falling and nausea. In this case, you should keep your hands free at all times, be in a safe place with spotters such as cushions, bed, etc or let the nausea pass before using a sling.

In conclusion, baby slings can both have advantages and disadvantages. You may have also heard reports about some hazards brought about by baby slings but as long as you are wearing your slings properly, it is safe. Furthermore, some disadvantages can be overcome and have many workarounds available.

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