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How Dolls Are Made


Dolls have been around for thousands of years and modern doll making industry has been growing steadily over the past few years. Millions of dolls are made every year. They appeal to both kids as toys and to adults as collector’s items.

Doll making has evolved over the years through advancement of technology. The introduction of polymers and plastic materials transformed the entire manufacturing industry and made mass-production of dolls financially viable.

Traditional Dolls

Traditionally, dolls are made from cloth, clay, wood, leather and soapstone. Corn husks were also used to make dolls for harvest celebrations in some cultures. Other dolls were used in fertility rites as well as teaching tools about different traditions.

Plastic Dolls

Plastic dolls were recent invention in the history of dolls. They are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride and did not start producing after World War II.

Cheaper plastic dolls are usually made from rotational moulds for a more seamless product or blow moulding. Relatively, the plastics are heated and squirted into moulds in order to create the doll’s shapes. Once done, the moulds are heated and rotated so that the plastic coats the whole area inside the mould which crafts the legs, arms and heads.

Plastic dolls are also assembled by hand. There is a special hand-operated sewing machine in which the hair is sewn. Then, the facial features are being applied.

Soft dolls

Soft dolls are lovely dolls that are stuffed and usually handcrafted. One of the most popular brands of soft dolls is Rubens Barn. They have soft dolls collection that are all gorgeous. These soft dolls are sewn and crafted by very skilled seamstresses. Most grandmothers and mothers are making soft dolls for their grandchildren and children.

Rubens Barn ensures that before these dolls leave the factory, they must go through over a hundred steps first. That’s how dedicated they are. The seamstresses then sew the dolls with stuffings, embroider the eyes and even apply blush. This is the final stage where most tasks are done by hand.

What makes these soft dolls unique is the fact that they are made by highly skilled and experienced seamstresses. Because each doll is made by hand, the additional characters of each doll differs from one another and even the smallest and slightest differences can be noticed. If compared to plastic ones, you will surely see the difference.

Wooden Dolls

Matryoshka or commonly known as Russian dolls are still popular even if they have been crafted from way back then. These types of dolls are made from wood and amongst the first dolls ever made.

These matryoshka dolls are handcrafted and hand-painted by skilled woodcarvers and artisans. Wood is carefully selected to ensure the quality of these adorable dolls. It’s almost unbelievable that some of the most popular dolls are still handcrafted to perfection.

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