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How Does Wearing a Face Mask Protect You and Those Around You?

reusable face mask

Washable face mask face masks have become the most important accessory of the year. Owning one protects you and those around you from the virus. Furthermore, reusable face masks are more economical and drastically reduce wastes compared to using disposable masks. Since wearing a face mask in public places has become mandatory, you may be wondering how wearing one protects you and those around you from the virus?

Reusable face masks have become popular for various reasons. Many people chose to wear one because it allows them to express their style and personality. Additionally, they are reusable which means you can wash them after every use instead of throwing them. We need to protect ourselves and those around use from the virus but not at the expense of our environment.

The importance of wearing a face mask and how it works

Face masks and other face coverings work by preventing as many droplets as they could from escaping into the air when you exhale, talk or cough. It decreases the chances of others from contracting the virus as well as slow down the spread of the virus. Keep in mind that you are not only wearing a face mask for yourself but you are wearing one for the protection of other people as well.

Wearing a face mask in public places has become mandatory because it helps slow down the spread of viruses like COVID-19. If you are in close proximity with other people, you are breathing the same air as them so wearing a face mask stops respiratory droplets from getting into the air.

Interestingly, how face masks prevent people from catching something remains unclear. While face masks offer a certain level of protection, most of them do not have a filter fine enough to totally stop particles containing the virus from getting through the mask if these particles are present in the air. In other words, wearing a face mask is more of preventing droplets into the air than preventing droplets from getting through the mask.

Wearing your face mask properly

It is not only important that you are wearing a face mask, wearing it properly and correctly actually matters a lot. Wearing a face mask incorrectly is just as bad as not wearing one. So here are a few things to keep in mind when wearing a reusable face mask.

  • The face mask should complete cover your mouth, nose and chin.

  • It should fit snugly on your face without any gaps.

  • It should have at least two layers of breathable fabric. Having a pocket for filter inserts is a huge plus.

Additional Tips

  • Wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser before putting your face masks on.

  • Avoid touching your face or the mask while wearing it.

  • Touch only the straps or loops if you have to remove the face mask for some reason. Fold it inward in half to make sure that the inner part of the mask is not exposed. Wash your hands immediately and do not touch any part of your face especially your mouth, nose and eyes.

Should you buy filter inserts?

If your reusable face mask has a pocket or slot for a filter insert, then it is highly recommended to use one. Filter inserts add another layer of protection and some filters like the PM2.5 filters can protect you from dusk, smoke and allergens. Note that these filters are disposable which means you will have to throw them away after every use and replace with a new one before wearing your reusable face mask.

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