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How do Eco-friendly products help the environment?

Eco-friendly or sustainable products help the environment by serving as alternatives to plastic made products. We live in a society where innovation is given priority over preserving our planet. We have been dependent on products made from synthetic materials that most of us can't live without them. Fortunately, more people are becoming aware of the adverse effects some of these innovations have on our environment which led to an increase in demand for eco-friendly products.

eco friendly products

The main definition of eco-friendly is being good and beneficial for the environment. These products are never harmful to the environment in terms of their usage, disposal and production. Eco-friendly products help preserve the environment by requiring less energy use, producing less carbon emissions and providing zero-waste.

Because of the rapid increase in wastes particularly single-use plastic, there is a need to control and create alternatives that will sustain everyday needs and will promote a more healthy lifestyle in which the environment will benefit too. But how does the environment benefit from eco-friendly products?

Environmental Benefits of Eco-friendly Products

Letís face it. Our planet is dying. With the advancement of technology and innovation, not to mention growing consumer demands, we have seen a significant increase in our carbon emissions. Making products that are convenient and make our lives easier comes with a huge cost. But we can still save our planet by making a few changes, big and small, to our lifestyle.

Innovation is not always a bad thing. Thanks to the recent innovations, more eco-friendly products are now available on the market that ever before. By using eco-friendly products, we start living sustainably which benefits us and more importantly, our environment. Mother Nature deserves to reset and lots of love. After all, this is the only place where we can live and there is no planet B.

Natural resources such as water and energy are conserved when we use eco-friendly products. These resources will be depleted eventually when there is overexploitation and abuse. We use huge amounts of resources to create some of our products. For instance, it takes a quarter of an ounce to make a single plastic bottle. If we produce less plastic, there will be less carbon emissions.

In the energy department, we have seen an increase in demand for solar panels. Just recently, more homes have been fitted with solar panels to reduce reliance on coal and oil energy. There are also facilities that use solar panels. Some structures even promote eco-friendly designs such as the use of huge windows which decreases the use of artificial light. Hence, energy is conserved.

There are also certain companies that manufacture ethically produced socks, particularly bamboo socks. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources. They grow without the need of artificial irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides which make them very ideal in sustainable living.

Next, eco-friendly products are cost-efficient. They may be expensive at first but in the long run, they are a great investment and worth every penny. Furthermore, the impact on this in the environment is through the less use of maintenance costs and operational expenses.

Most if not all environment-friendly products do not have plastic packaging that needs to be removed or thrown after. This is good in such a way that nothing is thrown and buried in landfills. Examples are natural deodorant and solid toothpaste. Natural deodorants are usually packaged in paper or in cork. The company Biork has wonderfully manufactured crystal deodorant that come in recyclable cork casing.

Natural toothpastes also come in eco-friendly packaging. Instead of using plastic tubes, some of these natural toothpastes are in solid forms. Take a good look at Lamazunaís solid toothpaste. This natural toothpaste come in a popsicle stick that you can add to your compost once used up. Nothing is left behind.

Another great thing about eco-friendly product is that they are more likely made using natural materials and ingredients. They do not contain any synthetic chemicals that are deemed harmful to our bodies. Example is the solid shampoo bar. Solid shampoo bar is handmade carefully in small batches unlike commercial ones that are mass produced. It is infused with essential oils and butters only and never mixed with chemicals that are harmful for the environment.

When harmful chemicals are not produced, we humans benefit too. There were cases that synthetic chemicals were linked to skin problems and pose serious threats to our health. BPA which is commonly found in plastic products is a good example. Scientific studies have shown that BPA can cause serious health problems to humans if exposed to the chemical for a long period of time.

Choose wisely

Fortunately, there are plenty of products that are considered sustainable and eco-friendly. Each of us should take on the responsibility of saving our planet in any way we can. Using reusable and eco-friendly products is just a small step we can take towards living sustainably.

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